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  1. I live in AKL and I don't see the reason behind the old diesel locomotive to be attached to the rear end and I have always displayed hate over just how stupid and loud the diesel locomotive is when it leaves the station. I'm so glad that the trains replaced by electric Emu's Spanish made rail cars released on 20th July 2015…

  2. Yes, I didn't even notice when I first watched it, can see it now having been to NZ many times. I bet NZ trains could use the UK loading gauge for the single tracks like the Picton-Christchurch line.

  3. I find it interesting that those are rebuilt carriages from the UK (ie: ex standard gauge) and yet they are still shorter than the Kiwi locos and don't look at all out of place on the 3'6". It really highlights how restricted the UK loading gauge is.

  4. Got anything planned for the weekend?
    Yeah I might film a couple of trains passing each other.

    lol. I do like trains, just as interesting to me is the view of the area

  5. i really do love train/truck/machine rigs. hey if you're down in NZ I suggest checking out Sal's New York Pizza. My buddy Brian went down there and opened a few of those shops up. It was great here and I hear better down there. (there really Is something in the water!). Enjoy your hobby. it's relaxing and peaceful – much better than hating everything on the internet.

  6. weird to see locomotives facing different directions. Here in New York and in other cities I've been to the locomotives are always facing away from the city regardless of which way the train's traveling. In other words, they don't bother reversing the trains here.

  7. No disrespect but these must be the ugliest trains I have ever seen. Apart from that it's a nice video. Not sure how anyone can dislike it as there is nothing to dislike: unless you dislike trains.

  8. @MrXcheeseX No offence but do you spend your free time just spewing out negative comments? I`m sure this guy gets more exitement from this than you do trolling.

  9. @GeoffBlackmore nicely done my friend… btw do u sell these…. i build models.. and people say they are childish aswell can realy realy anoy me… trains are part of my childhood.. brings good memores to life same as sci-fi models..i can buy a model costing 30 pounds and sell it for almost 50 to 100 depending on what it is

  10. @ChachaChapati 😉 well — maybe some old ? KIWI railfan's .. should change that a wee tad 🙂 instead of just watching them — as we always have done.

  11. @GeoffBlackmore The trains were "passing" each other, not "crossing". This may be a regional language thing, but at least in America a railroad crossing is where a road intersects a railroad. So the title here makes us expect to see a train and a car crossing just in the nick of time, or something like that.

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