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  1. • How can I offer free content to the market and customers on Facebook and YouTube to be a good interaction, or should I use the ads funded in my work like other competitors ?, but this will cost me a lot of money and I am still at the beginning of my own business

  2. Gary………Now is the time to steal Newcastle United FC they are looking for a Manager Rafa has gone and they need a new owner and leader…. underpriced and ready for a new era…..but it and flip it and you will have 25% of your Jets money and a track record … Trust me Gary you need to practice the sports game and there is no better club and better time …… speak to your team in London and they will tell you I am right ….. I will send this message to you again in 10 years time …:-)

  3. I am addicted to Gary's videos,but I don't run a business,I 'm retired,I don't really want to sell anything,or make a bunch of money. I just like the wisdom,the philosophy. It is the opposite of stuff I have heard all my life,and it makes me feel very good about life.thanks,Gary!

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