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  1. why the f..k he is obsessed using filthy language through out , is he frustrated ,confused and in chaos . the sounds we utter from within is what we are . all i can hear from this gentleman is , shit, fuck and so on

  2. I understand that by writing this I will get all of Gary's MLM Fans hating on me however it must be said. This was nothing more than a 45 minute Facebook Ad.

    Gary owns a decent holding in Facebook. You guys paid him to talk in front of lots of Marketing folks. What does he do? Uses it as a pitch for Facebook and Instagram.

    It's very clever Gary. If I owned a good number of shares in Facebook I would do the same and i'm not saying you're at fault for doing it.

    This is actually a message to the small business owners out there who are about to throw tons of money at Facebook ads. Please don't. They're a complete waste of money if you're not Nike and don't have millions to throw at them every year.

    Also, I didn't watch until the end but by any chance, did Gary ask you to not take a bus home, but instead take an Uber…

  3. become self aware. know who you are. do not be afraid to spend time on these platforms. communication shift is happening. I liken this to what the automotive industry did to personal travel. Personal Branding will explode and marketing will change. Great stuff by Gary!

  4. One of the most real Keynotes I've ever seen from Gary
    P:S. If anyone feels they can improve our business or any brand wants to have us on board as their influencer feel free to reach out! 😉

  5. I looked forward to watching this but I can't get past his opening insult to people who chose to be engaged citizens and care about an election. Keynote speakers — and anyone in a professional setting — who drop profanity into their discourse are not worth my time. Poorly played HubSpot.

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