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  1. first time i sat in one of these, its insane fast and steering is excellent. however the driver must be prepared to push it to the limits and learn to control it. serious good off roader and suv

  2. i have hunted youtube like crazy to see a demo of the new scorpio and its 4wd capabilities , i know nothing much has changed in terms of the 4×4 mechanism …but please see if you could get some time ti make one

  3. people hate speeching about Scorpio doesnt' know that, that BEAST INCARNATE SUV is the winner of multiple SUV awards & even the most awarded SUV in India. Once they'll be seated in the beast named Scorpio, they'll dream to buy it and maintain their expenses to save more to one day buy Scorpio. 
    Scorpio is the Indian SUV which even the Outer army & police forces demand. see the difference : evn range rover is used as a taxi in India but Scorpio was never been a taxi. that's the difference. love it or hate it, but u can never ignore a driver in his BEAST!

  4. mahindra only can compare with european vehicles even though some of the main parts of the vehicles like BMW,audi,man honda, toyota is made in india by indian engineering developers like bharath forge one company in Chennai making axle for German man trucks and buses

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