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  1. I’m on a Gary vee watching spree. And I can’t thank you enough for posting all of this. I see you on Instagram all the time but it’s not long 11 min worth of stuff like this

  2. savage Gary in for another kill> i still don't understand why when you tell certain people something out of their benefit just because they cant understand it they turn to they to do the white privilege half insult or just try to fuck with you. common stop wasting my mans time! keep pushing Gary so will I!

  3. What if you don't know what you want in life? I'm 24 now and I've no clue. Tried multiple studies and jobs but still got no clue…. That's the main thing what bothers me… What is making ME happy?

  4. FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real! Even if it feels real, the feeling of being judged by other people, it is mostly imagined! It is false, it's not true because EVERYONE is just way too busy worrying about themselves.

    Trust me.
    You got this!

  5. Sometimes it be your own people! I feel like I’d get a better response off my business ventures from strangers than majority of people that are close to me. And I’m ok with that!!

  6. Gary Vaynerchuk I am following your advice, I am sharing free content about stress, that I have amassed from over 25 years of serving and enormously helping people. I would be extremely grateful for a like, share or shoutout. I have one goal an that it my life’s work to help eliminate the 42 billion cost to the USA and the 1 trillion cost to the world, just from anxiety and stress alone. It would be my greatest honor of you’d check out one of my video posts. Thanks eternally in advance. Ben

  7. Your channel inspired me a lot! I was doubting my potential all the time. After considering your tips & gathering all the courage, I manage to post my FIRST EVER travel video with my own voice over Yesterday! Guys, If time permits, please go through it and give me valueable feedback! Much love.

  8. Hey Gary, thanks to you I gained over 15k YouTube subscribers, monthly sponsorships and signed with a PR marketing firm. Any tips on getting to 50k YouTube subscribers?

  9. Hope that Josh guy doesn't mind crying in his Toyota. I hate the fact that he gave Gary two offers, but he worded it like he was giving. As soon as he said, "We like winners and I'd like to invite you to the winning team *wink" I wanted to punch him in the jaw.

  10. Hello Gary, Appreciate your videos but don't have as much time to watch anymore.:)
    The http://www.nonaciddraincleaner.com site and YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram channels are growing and the No Clog Audio Blog are all live and growing!
    A little Jets/NFL trivia for you… Weeb Eubank signed my Dad's Colts contract in 1961 which had a provision that literally said " bring your own shoes " ! Times have certainly changed…
    Best regards,
    Carl Lamberti

  11. For all the fearful people out there who is afraid to follow your dreams because of the negative people you afraid will shit on your stuff, first let me tell you that it is inevitable. You will come across haters no matter what. Now ask yourself this who pays your bills at the end of the month so why give a shit about what they say. Follow your dream your. I share some video on my channel about that topic as well go look for them in your way out dont forget to please smash that you know what icons. ✌ peace. Stay positive

  12. Really Fear is grave every time. But I have to overcome that. My life is for something. I am working. Really i am working for 18 hours in my channel to grow. Lot's of fear grabs me. But I overcome all that. Because I am working for the best, Legacy. Not for wasting time. I am preparing my self in my channel to become the best version of my self. i WILL be the best. Because i am in the process of progress to grow my self. And You Gary always inspires me to keep up.

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