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  1. No the biggest beef most mentally sane individuals have with travel bloggers are that they are so narcissistic, the camera spends around 70% of the time on their own bloody faces.
    Travel vlogers on YouTube especially do one long damn selfie with short shots or cutaways to the scenes of importance however mostly it's with the scenic areas in the background and their face in the foreground centre of frame.

  2. Blah, I am a (new) travel blogger and I tend to visit one – a few locations for long periods of time rather than hopscotching everywhere (I've only visited a few countries), and I was trying to talk to a mutual friend of a family I knows daughter (kind of confusing), and she was trying to brag to me that she was always on the go and that she had been to Amsterdam 35 different times and it almost felt like she was trying to compete with me? Sometimes I feel like there is this 'badge of honor' that people tend to wear because they've visited 10+, 20+, 30+, 50+. and sometimes even 100+ different countries and now it's almost turned into this "okay, but where hAVe YoU beEn?" type of deal where some people feel inferior because they haven't seen as much or it's their first time in a country so they want to see the iconic stuff. I don't know why people are so caught up in bashing other people, especially in the travel scene because we have all experienced different cultures, so you'd think they'd be more welcoming?

  3. What grinds my gears is when someone gets shamed for spending too much on their hotel or apartment. Not everyone wants to waste 5 hours walking around with a backpack in 40C heat just to save $5! Some of us are on holiday and want to enjoy our time.

  4. This really speaks to me. I have experienced this shaming. One big area I’ve been shamed for is the amount I’ve paid for things. I’m a little older. I’m in my 30s and only started traveling in my mid 20s. I like staying in nice hotels in central locations. People constantly want to know how much I paid for each and everything. Then they pick it apart and explain how I could have stayed in a hostel, shouldn’t have eaten in my hotel’s restaurant, etc. I don’t care about traveling as cheap as possible. I want to be comfortable and have a good time. Sometimes I wake up and I’m hungry. I just eat at my hotel even if my meal wasn’t the most authentic for my location. I don’t care if I traveled for the rock bottom price. I love museums, going on long walks in a new city, and relaxing experiences like going to the spa. I travel solo in Europe where I feel pretty confident. However, I’ve also been known to take some group tours when going to some destinations in the Middle East and Northern Africa. I have definitely been travel shamed over that or incorporating time at an all inclusive into a longer trip. However, I freely admit to falling in the tourist category more than traveler to people who have to differentiate. I’m glad I stopped worrying what other people think and started traveling however I wanted.

  5. Excellent video, I feel the same way. I don’t think the snobs realize a lot of economies rely on tourism. The really touristy places serve a significant financial function.

  6. I don’t know why this was recommended to me. But I agree. Travel how you want. I may not like it or agree. But you may not like how I travel either. We’re on a tight budget and can’t go often. We usually only go for two or three days. We pick a location or attraction. Then go from there. We don’t like to load our day and run purse ragged. So we pick one or two things per day. If we do more that’s an added bonus. I will also pay more to stay in a decent hotel. We’ve done enough cheap or sketchy places to know that it’s definitely worth the extra cost. I personally love touristy things. I like to see aquariums, museums, amusement parks, historic places. We have plenty of nature where I live and not much else to do. So when we leave I need to do something! I recently watched an RV trip. They went to Gatlinburg and all they did was hike. I kept thinking what about x or y. Then thought to myself well I guess this is their idea of travel. So I found other videos on that area to watch.

  7. Any kind of shaming is wrong, but there's shaming and then there's constructive criticism, which is valid and valuable. Distinguishing between the two is important. The actual content might be identical, but the motive and presentation are what differentiate them. Bottom line, though: you're right that the holier-than-thou attitude is unhealthy. Travelers have bad experiences, feel regret, make mistakes — there's no point jeering at others' misfortunes. This video just popped up in my YouTube Recommended, so I haven't watched the one on "traveler vs. tourist," but I'll go watch it next because it's for sure an interesting discussion. Even though my feeling is we'll disagree, because again the semantic distinctions are important between "traveler" and "tourist" just as they are between "shaming" and "critiquing," but thumbs-up nonetheless for broaching the topic and building a compelling argument.

  8. People actually do that? It happens in the makeup community too but that's ridiculous. Exploring the world is different for everyone. Do you girl. People enjoy different things

  9. people call a 10 min of themselves a travel vlog. all theese travel vlogs dosent give traveling tips its just a narcissist showing themselves off. Thats fine, just dont call it a travel vlog.

  10. Traveling is great, everyone should do it; however there are some people that put themselves on a pedistal and all they do it talk about traveling like they are better than everyone else, or visit a place for a day and months later still post pics on insta (actually had a friend go to Chicago for a day and still is raving about it like it’s something lol)

  11. When I was younger… And fitter I use to bomb around a city like Tokyo at a hundred miles an hour and stuff loads in during a day. Now I am older and suffering an illness I have to take it slowly which goes against the grain and the explorer mindset. It was hard at first to be happy in just seeing small amounts and also just traveling in the UK but I feel very content now with how I take on the day when out and about.

  12. A popular youtuber i like, whispers jo from damon &jo was in mexico with her now boyfriend and they spent a good portion on the travel vlo discussing how much they disliked people who didnt learn the languages of the countries they visited and went to "touristy" spots. It kinda discouraged me for a bit because i wanted to go to a couple places but i have no interest in indonesian, french, portugese and however many other languages it would take.

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