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  1. Minimalism is truly the most important strategies among of all. If we practice this, we have less monthly bills and expenses. Thus, we can save and make money for our future. Thank you for sharing this, Marissa!

  2. I love your videos.I need to know if i get a mentor if joing him sharpe.akacieole@gmail.com
    It s meaning all for me if your e my mentor in this sharpe program.plssssssssssssssss reply for i respect you.And how is life now single I can sat that it s opening new doors on u r own terms.

  3. Living in Colombia has to help. I was looking at cost of living through a few cities last night and medellin was pretty low.

    I've long been a minimalist but expanded from what fit in a duffle in the Navy to what I could fit in the back of my pickup truck. I ended up inheriting furniture now, ugh

  4. I personally use my credit card as a great way to make me money as well as allow me to save more…everything I need to purchase throughout a month is done on a credit card, then I simply pay off that amount from my bank account the 1st of the following month. I get 2-3% back on everything I purchased on the card, and whatever I didn't spend from my bank account to cover my credit card expenses is put into my savings account or towards my investment portfolio…

  5. I like that Marissa cuz not much affiliate marketers are talking about minimalism, healthy living and natural living! Most people dont see that the systems of this world that a set up today only serve one purpose and that is to destroy the living planet. We are only going to get one planet to destroy the forests, waterways, plant and animal life. My goal is not to become millionaire over and over again (what's the point?), but own a small piece of land in the Ozarks and trees, my own well water, chickens, goats, a pond, and basically live closer to the earth and nature baby!

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