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  1. really good paint job for 3500 is a joke. cheap paint job is like a cheap wrap. you'll be getting cheaper products used, and shot by someone that either A. is inexperienced or B. going to shoot it quick because he's making nothing on it. Materials to paint my car alone was 2500. Then include hours upon hours of labor to tear down the car, fix and problems with the body, prep for paint, or shoot it, wet sand and buff, re assemble, and polish. My body guy charges a minimum of 3500 for a basic paintjob (basic color) with minor damage that includes shooting the jams. I've seen pearlescent paint jobs go into the 10k price range because of materials and skill involved with shooting it. You can easily get your car wrapped in a pearlescent for a quarter of the price

  2. 10,000 grand for a paint job !!! Your fucking high..ya sure for a show case paint job but most paint jobs are just as much money for a wrap and you can get what 20 years out of a paintjob an a wrap if done right you only get a couple years dude your fucking high !!!!!

  3. the real reason the car community chose to go with wrapping their cars rather than painting is because everybody has become lazy in the car community seriously everyone buys a iconic car with a huge aftermarket following of bolt-on performance parts the cheap out get a wrap by the most basic name brand rims throws on air suspension in everybody loses their mind where is the love for cars when you do that anybody can undo a bolt change out an item and bolt it back on the car community got lazy and cheap it takes skill to actually paint a car yet any kid with a little bit of money and spare time can wrap a car it's the same thing when people used to take their phone to a shop to have somebody put a fucking screen protector on or change out the screen on a phone nowadays Thursday 9th graders working on people's phones in class do not understand how easy it is it's just sad that the car community has become so cheap and half-assed these days

  4. Exactly…"they LOOK like paint jobs" but they're not. It's "temporary" so why would I drop 3 bills on plastic? Honestly I'd rather pay a little more for REAL PAINT. Seems that vinyl is priced just as high as paint thus making the vinyl not worth it. Good video. Thanks for the info.

  5. I do paint and body and i think it needs be made clear including the price of the body work it self I.e repair dents etc shouldn’t be included ! Can you wrap a car with dents ? Or primer? No anyone looking for wrap with dents at needs body work is getting sent to a body shop first average price paint job same color two stage paint no door jams is $1000-1500 on a car without dents pearl around $2000 + color change shouldn’t cost you more then $3000 on a car

  6. Which will LOOK better an original factory matte paint job or a matte/satin wrap?

    I’m leasing a new Mercedes 2019. I can get matte grey paint for $3500 more or get it in black and wrap it matte/satin grey for $3k + $500 for removal. So will be same price.

    Also, what are top pros and cons of wrapping matte vs getting matte original factory paint job?

  7. I was quoted $2300 to wrap a Kia Soul. I had no idea it was that expensive for temporary shit! I guess I won't be getting a wrap ever. I got the Soul for 3k so why in the hell would I pay $2300 to wrap it?

  8. I can buy a gallon of clear coat for $100 and paint a car. Base coat and primer might be $250. I use Valspar, PPG Global, House of Kolors. But might cost $1,200 for PPG paint and everything to paint a car. So $5,500 for custom paint job. Under hood, doors, hatch, everything. I worked in a shop doing rust repairs replacing wheel wells, firewall, floor board, and paint it in and out $15,000. A lot of welding though. I never heard of a $50,000 paint job. That has to include repairs. This guys full of shit.

  9. Says a 10k paint job isn’t good but there’s plenty of $3500 paint jobs that is better looking than anything over 10k.

    Where did you think all of these uppity people like you get these paint ideas from??
    Once you realized that 10k paint wasn’t shit then that should’ve told you something about your mindset.

  10. Couple questions
    1- how scratch resistant is a high quality wrap
    2- are you able to clear coat over a wrap for extra protection
    3- are you able to put a wrap over a rhino line/line-X surface

    Thank you in advance for any answers/help

  11. Ok I don't get what you guys be saying… People say a wrap is good for someone who wanna change it up a lot but you can do the same with paint and it cost less. To have my car wrap they said it would be a little over 5500k but to get it painted it would cost 3k for the same damn job

  12. man…. if you prep (sand & prime) your car right … you can go to one of them BS Maco places and get a 200$ paint job that'll last 5 to 7 years. If you just want to improve your used Decent car. Makes no sense to wrap a new car because it'll protect from the sun and light scratches but most of the time u get dings and dents at a parking lot etc. Unless u got a commercial vehicle or you want to advertise your company, wrapping is a waste of money. IMO

  13. Bro, some dude told me that if you take really good care of your wrap (only hand-wash it, avoid the sun etc.) it could last as long as your car. Do you agree with this and if not, is it even possible to have a wrap still in good condition after 10 years?

  14. dude, you're lying to yourself.. your numbers are so out of wack and saying you wrap to protect your paint.. nah.. that's horseshit too.  IF you were wrapping to protect your paint, then you'd wrap clear, on an awesome paint job, that would be wrapping to protect the paint.  IF you had said you wrap to achieve effects that are difficult or expensive to achieve with paint.. that would be believable.  because it is true, chrome wraps aren't hard to find, and carbon fiber wraps too.  and yes, doing that with paint would be very difficult.. but in the end wraps aren't as durable as painting they bubble, tear and then they're trash.  They don't stand up to drastic weather changes, they aren't as easy to repair as paint (because you don't repair a wrap, you redo it.)  If you are going to lie to everyone to sell your wraps then, you are going to have to make it at least a little more believable.  Who, besides a car collector is going to spend 10, 20, 30, $50,000.00 for a paint job?  Only a Concours Level paint job would cost 10k or more.  Nobody does that with their DD (daily driver).  The reason they cost so much is because of the BODY WORK INVOLVED not because of the paint work involved… the difference in a regular DD and a concourse paint is about double.. in the painting work.. so your still only talking like the price of 2 cheap paint jobs (7k), the body work though.. the difference in the amount of body work is drastic, there is no room for flaws.  Take your wrapped car to Barrett-Jackson Car Auction and see how much it increases the value of your DD.  They will laugh at you so hard while they ask you to get your heap off their lot.

  15. I like the idea of wrap personally to personalize. How does a wrap hold up to brush, mud etc from off roading in a Jeep? Yes I know paint scratches, before anyone says that. I'm not interested in paint only wrap thanks.

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