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  1. False Advertisement by apple…about the FaceTime camera is 720p and sharp quality and all that..you know the camera is so grainy and noisy I think this is a 0.1 mp camera from very old iPod…very disappointed Apple

  2. I am returning my 2018 MacBook Air to Costco today. I travel extensively and purchased it for my wife especially for FaceTiming. This is so she didn't have to fuss around trying to hold or support her iPhone X or 2018 iPad in order to hold a long conversation. The MacBook Air camera is worse than horrible. If the quality being delivered was as good as being shown here, I would consider keeping it. Because office lighting levels are much brighter than one would find in the average home (and this is reasonable) this camera is totally unacceptable. 

    A $1,300 computer should not have this type of issue at launch and Apple is being mum concerning this very important feature for the home market. And make no mistake. This computer is aimed at the home market and Apple blew it. I will be seriously rethinking my brand loyalty on the computer front.

  3. … This dude says some he’s got that wrong it’s all of the 2018 MacBook Air FaceTime camera quality low sensor definitely not HD, is horrible terrible and Apple says nothing…

  4. I just got a 2018 15ibnch MacBook with touch bar to upgrade from my MacBook air in 2013or 14 and I am MISERABLE with the camera. So much so that I will not take pictures because they look so incredibly awful. Thankfully I would with vocal recordings and not video but I am very disappointed to have paid this much and I have a much worse camera because like most girsl I love a good selfie. I havent seen this poor of camera quality in a long time. SHAME ON YOU APPLE !! ! !

  5. I don't understand why don't put in like a iPhone 6 camera onto the laptops?
    Like it couldn't be THAT expensive, and the iPhone 6 camera easily is better than any other laptop camera

  6. I wonder if the brigthness of the display itself, acting as the front light for the FT camera, is influencing these results? I know many have pointed out that the screen on the new MacBook Air is not as bright as on the MacBook or MacBook Pro. Maybe that lower brightness leads to weaker front lighting and therefore a darker, poorer image. Just a theory. :-/

  7. Are all facetime calls in 720p? Does it just look better on a phone because the smaller screen? You should have done more tests and an actual call instead of just filming yourself.

  8. I see a lot of people here comparing this camera with phones and tablets without acknowledging that the MacBooks have way less room for a good camera than even the smallest phones. I don’t usually defend Apple on skimping on quality but this is probably the best camera they can put in that thin screen.

    It makes perfect sense to me that the old MacBooks had better cameras because they also had thicker screens.

    I don’t think anyone would like to have an extra mm thickness on a laptop just to have a slightly better camera. Or do you guys prefer a camera bump on MacBooks now?

  9. Why Apple sticks with a crappy 720p camera is beyond me. But then again, when the majority of your customers will just bend over and take it there’s no reason to change.

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