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  1. Unfortunately many flights only let you take one carry on and one personal item, and the personal item isn't supposed to be large. In other words, you can't really take a max carry on backpack and roller without paying extra (or accepting their "offer" to check your rolling luggage into the hold). So the challenge becomes how to pack everything into one MLC bag.

  2. In the beginning of your video, you said you two traveled for almost a year with those two small backpacks. Explaining / illustrating that would have been much more interesting! That's what I expected to see, but instead I watched your 13-minute video where you didn't even mention that fact. Jaye Cole gives some important tips (below), and I would just add that for women be sure to bring something long sleeved and long skirt or pants, as shorts and revealed arms (on women) are frowned upon in many churches and museums around the world. Also, many planes are chilly, so wearing your sweater and/or lightweight wrap saves luggage space.

  3. just got back from spain today wore a outfit and packed 2x shorts 2x tshirts. washed my underwear and socks on arrival and didnt wear them again till i left. could have really just done with 1x shorts 1x tshirt. phone did camera and anything extra. kindle for books could probably pack my suitcase in your electronics bag

  4. If you like to use packing cubes, I’ve found that using the plastic zipper bags that come with pillowcases, comforters and other things. They work great and are see through. Other products use these bags so I have them in all different sizes.

  5. Glad you made the point about packing with some space left in mind. There are countless packing videos which stress wearing your heaviest shoes jackets Etc on the plane, and then the suitcase is packed so tight that you couldn't fit a roll of Lifesavers in there. It never seems to be addressed as to how you're going to manage to take that heavy outfit and fit that in the suitcase , when you have only removed a relatively light
    outfit to wear the next day. I usually pack with my heaviest outfit in the luggage , and my thinnest outfit left out, this way, even if I do decide to wear my heaviest outfit on the plane I know for sure that it will all fit.

  6. I'm travelling a lot for business, spending around 250 nights a year in hotels and I always travel on carry on. But I pack entirely different and more space saving. First of all the "personal item" bag will hold all electronics like charger, small laptop, e-reader and cables, but it also holds the transparent liquids bag with all bathroom stuff. Laptops, e-readers and the liquid bag need to go thru the security check x-ray on their own and therefore you need to reach them fast and easy. I hate the people in front of me who are unfolding their trolley and then start digging for those things. What a waste of time….
    You also want to have your chargers in quick reach as most of the planes have USB or power plugs in the seats, especially on long haul flights.

    The trolley then gets all clothes, sport shoes, shaver and stuff you need. Always travel with only one pair of shoes as they eat up a lot of space. And never pack a jacket or hoodie in the suitcase. You want to wear them on the airport and maybe even on the plane. It might get cold. And they also eat up a lot of space. I pretty much get everything for up to 14 days into carry on and I do not wash anything. I have enough fresh clothes with me and I pack in cubes rather than rolling the stuff. Maybe I have plenty of experience and therefore I use up all the space very well.

    One other advice: by a very good 4 wheel trolley. Quality is what matters. The smaller the wheels the shittier it rolls. and if you ever needed to run on an airport to catch that connection flight, the wheel make a massive difference. I did spend a fortune on a Rimowa cabin trolly and I never want to go back. 5 years and about 60 flights a year and it is still in perfect shape.

    And to finish, the most important, never travel without item are my noise cancelling headphones. I would not board a plane without them.

  7. Did you (or any other people here) had trouble with your water bottle or mug to pass security? Since it's steel & blunt I thought they are considered weapons? O.o Would love to give up my plastic bottle for them, but afraid airport security takes them away from me 🙁

  8. I would be curious to know the weight on that rolling case. Most airlines allow it to be 10kg plus your personal item. We are flying Interjet to Toronto that only allows 10kg TOTAL.

  9. Great pointers. I agree with the rule of 3 – underwear, t-shirts, socks. 2 pants – wear one, jumper, wind breaker, 2 scarves – one warm, other decorative, small toiletries, small tech bag and small make-up.

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