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  1. Great videos, I don't want to buy a freezer to fix one note 8 phone. I'm going to try dry ice, can I put the entire phone on the dry ice or do I need to take it apart and just put the lcd/glass on top. Thanks

  2. Great to see, and pretty sure you could scale this out too as far as you'd want, if you wanted, given the right talent. 17 or 1700 stores, what would be the difference?? With the right tools and tricks, it seems the only thing preventing this type of business is one's own ability. Appreciate you sharing and encouraging.

  3. Richard, I'd like to thank you for taking time to meet with me. You are truly a down to earth cool cat. During our visit together, you never made me feel like you we're cutting me short. You literally single handedly changed our world. Because of you we are on our way to refurbishing all our own screens in house. Thank you brother! Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Richard. I just discovered your channel and fell in love with it immediately. I'm an IT support tech and want to change my focus and this idea seems perfect too me. I did few phones on the cheap for friends and family and I would love your advice please on how to get going in your field.. I live in Ireland and I haven't seen anyone do what you do so it could be good and advantageous point for this business. Also does this method work for non edge phones like normal screen on S6? Where can I source that kind of freezers? What are they called? Any references please? Thanks a million in advance and kind regards.

  5. I just started to…and would like to do a lot more work but I see all this repair equipment alot people have or use to replace screens or glass only….and I dont…so that's where I'm at figuring out the best way for me to replace screens

  6. Hey Richie, good to see yet another good YT vid. We're still waiting on the info u were going to tell us about where to send the broken screens to for refurbished ones.

  7. I applied to this company is Santa Rosa ca and I mentioned to the supervisor I could help them with glass only repair for Samsung and they told me that glass only made there company look “Ghetto” LoL and they only offer OEM screens replacements I got the freezer to and I’m offering all glass only for $99 I’ll put them out of business in this section how’s your “ghetto” now stupid smdh

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