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  1. My favourite Britannia design is the 2003. You should get the 2001 Gold Britannia too, Backyard Bullion. That is also a cool design of all the Britannias. You are right in that they do not make Britannias as they used to. I like the old designs, anything before 2012.

  2. I bought 2 mixed dates hoping to get 2007, but even though I expressed my preference, I wasn't lucky. However, I did get the 2017 and 2012 and was pleased with both. The 2012 has a full oz of pure gold, so it is a bit larger and heavier than accommodate the additional base metal difference. That sunburst behind britannia on that 2017 actually pleased me.

  3. Unfortunately, earlier bullion RM gold coins look like they have been polished. Proofs, on the other hand, are beauties and, at least here, are the same price.

  4. BYB… Thanks for another educational video on the British coins… I don't get the opportunity to buy many British coins from my dealer here in Canada. I do really like the 2007 design you are showing here… it is my favourite… So far, in British coins, in gold,  I only have the Queen's beasts but I would welcome getting at least one Britannia in Gold…. I love the design of the Britannia with the oriental border that I have in Silver… My budget is limited…  I keep voting for the starfish…

  5. I like the designs of the old Britannias, it's sad that they didn't change them anymore. My favorite of the 3 coins is 2007. For next week I vote for the Starfish.

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