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  1. HELP!!! I get great CTR and conversion rate on CPC for last 12 months. last four days a 75% drop in leads even tho looking at CPC nothing is different. still great CTR and conversions. Spoke with Google. everything seams fine their end. User behavior? does this happen often? should i redesign the landing page? thank you Neil.

  2. Hey Neil ! Here is my question If i Add a youtube Video in my Blog Post and a user come from google search on my blog post and watch video

    So this time is count on my site or not ??

  3. Neil, what would you recommend is the best strategy for a very small AdWords budget regarding a local business? Think rental services. P.s: Thanks for replying to comments, it truly shows you care about your audience!

  4. Neil how me and the other people will be successful online marketing there are so many competitors on social media. also people have got a webpage and they are using eally good equipments buying from Amazon and they create an amazing content for google,taking great photos. Their dreams are coming true but we are still dreaming of being success.

  5. My competitors are writing very short posts of about 500 words but still getting 1st position for the keywords. And they have many posts like this which is driving them lots of traffic. How can I beat them and outrank them in SERP?

  6. Heyy neil … i have see almost all your videos and as u say google rank blog with specific niche … i want to start a event blog which give details of upcoming popular event so should i start that ??

  7. Hello Neil, Greetings from India..
    I am following you for almost 6 years now, wrote several emails as well unfortunately never heard anything back I understand you have too much to work on, no hard feeling love your contents keep this up!

    One Question: How to boost Seo for Copywriting? for blogging its seems okay to rank for we need to write something around the title we have chosen but what about a services how to make it more attractive and at the same time seo implementation is perfect so it can generate leads and business ?

  8. Hey Neil i need a suggestion!
    My site speed is fast without amp but with amp it's taking more time!
    So i go with the amp or not! And also does AMP help with the ranking's?

  9. Hey Neil, I want to create my content around case studies. I want to look at the marketing campaigns and then write on my blog what tactics they used to reach their goals. How can I do that? How to create case studies?

  10. Niel what tools/ services do you use to verify profits? It seems like most sellers ask for 20-30x monthly revenue, what's your take on this since your looking at yearly earnings.

  11. The funny thing is that I was going to ask you more about buying businesses. And here's a video on it right here.

    I've been studying LBOs and how to use leverage to buy business (obviously cash flowing) and then keep running them for that cash flow.

  12. Is it worth to create a site which is mix of thewindowsclub and makeuseof and doesn't provide tech News. I am 16 years old and if it is worth then how can I monetise the site other than adsense? Plz help

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