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  1. Paan is sweet minty mouth freshener u should try real paan first and then try to smoke the flavour. And I truly suggest you to mix mint 80% and 20% of Paan raas this is the best combination running in India

  2. Flavors smell pretty good, I liked the orange and the watermelon. However, cut/quality of tobacco could definitely be better so it doesn't burn hot. I like to mix it with mazaya as a sort of filler tobacco to help for a more even burn.

  3. paan is a beatle leaf….in INDIA we use it as a palate cleanser…paan rass flavour is the actual flavour we get after the leaf is mixed with a variety of sweet spices….enjoy

  4. I think Afzal's quality is been on a decline, I bought many of these fancy flavors about 10[Ecstasy(smells the best) Desire(apple candy), Lemon mint(smells like indian pickle), Pan twist(too strong), Kesar pan, Chocomint(weak flavor), Green mango(best one so far),Mixed fruit(made me cough/worst), Pineapple(very weak flavor) and Pan masala supreme(bruh..)] none of them burn well. The flavors smell good, but the scent does not translate accurately when smoked. Cloud output is also low compared to Starbuzz and social smoke. They are just trying to compete with the other brands by ignoring the quality. Only Pan Ras is good out of the lot. They have even ruined Bombay pan masala for me which I have been smoking for couple of years. The new pack I got was dry and flavor less. Will have to stick to green savior from Starbuzz I guess

  5. Hello HookahJhon,im from South Africa. I wanted to see if you did a video about other brands such as Lemby and Amaren including Afzal which i also know.
    Could you please do a video review on those brands of Lemby and Amaren?

  6. Glad you are getting the word out about Afzal, I like it a lot. Please let the main-man at Afzal know that the people of Indonesia really like it and hope to have more Afzal flavors here.

  7. Hi guys. I'm from India.. Personally I used afzal for 2-3years.. But then I tried Al faker in dubai.. Since then I've been using Al faker from last 5years or so. Try Afzal 'Silver Fox" which is awesome and also one thing in which Afzal is a turn off is that around 30% of the content in a box will be hard twigs.. These twigs have to be removed as they burnout quickly.

  8. Paan is a betel leaf mouth fresher in which different things like are folded and then u eat it. its normmally after dinner as mouth freshner or on the go whenever u like.

    Paan(Betel leaves) – 1 noGulkand – 1 tsp(Store brought)Mukhwaas – 1 tspSweetened coconut flakes – 1/2 tspCardamom powder – 1/2 tspGlazed cherries – few, To garnishToothpick – few, To seal

  9. As a lot of people from India will say (Which I am certainly not from India, but do have a few friends from India) Pan Ras is absolutely amazing! It will change what you know about hookah flavors.WARNING: You're gonna need to wash everything very thoroughly after use; the flavor is REALLY STRONG! My best experience with it was that when I was done smoking it, the flavor still stuck in my palate for like 4 hours and nothing could cleanse it!

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