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  1. Just received my "new" bandsaw and drill press. I got both at an online auction. The bandsaw is the Jet JWBS-18 eighteen inch and the drill press is the Grizzly G7947 12" floor press. They retail, new, for nearly $3,000 and $1,000. I was prepared for the shipping price of approximately $800 but that "rigging" price of $735 was a surprise. I got the bandsaw for around $800 and the drill press for around $200. Adding the shipping and rigging took these machines from the "super awesome deal" category to just the "pretty good deal" category. Unless you can drive to the auction or Craig's list seller with equipment and man-power to handle the transfer…..beware! It can get very expensive. Knowing what I know now I have unsubscribed from all of the auction sites I was monitoring and will, in the future, rely on Craig's List exclusively. Great advise Jonathan but buyer beware.

  2. a lot of this is dependent upon location and the size of your shop. in my area you will not find industrial planers even well used ones for less than $2000. I saw an awesome felder sliding table saw that did go for really cheap last month but I only have a 24×24 shop and that sucker took up a lot of room. obviously would still need a VFD for three phase conversion. I agree that auctions are great but getting the right machine at the right price then moving that machine does take a lot of time and logistics.

  3. Buyers premium isn't always in place. Some have sellers premium, with the seller paying out of his share. Just be aware going in, so you in so you know what you are spending as you bid.

  4. I love auctions, however have never been able to buy a 'big ticket' item at one. What I find is that the same guy, or group of guys, tries to buy all the good stuff. Based on what I've seen, I assume they are buying with the whole objective being to just sell it later to make more money off of craigslist or something like that. I'm not saying that's not a good idea, but it sucks when I'm trying to buy something to use in my own shop, and these dudes are just out there to make money. So yes, good place to get good tools if guys like that aren't there.

  5. I was given my hammer by a former belt maker that had a table next to mine at all the trade show. I unfortunately had a physical back issue and have learned to walk again and once my strength is up I will give you a blow by blow review. I don’t just collect old tools I use them.As us slightly older men know the best standard tools were made in the mid 60’s and thru the mid seventies then everything became automated. E

  6. I'm up in Chico and I was REALLLLY tempted to hit that Fontana auction last month… I had my eye on that SCMI sander and either of the big bandsaws. Now that I know they have one every month I'll have to keep an eye out 🙂 I found it on California(dot)hibid(dot)com. It has a lot of good auctions on it.

    Love the videos brother!

  7. I went to an auction in december, didn't buy anything but nice morning out too. Super interesting and I wouldn't be nervous about it next time. Another tip, see if they publish previous auction results, look at a few, sometime prices are really high, on others they're so low it looks like only 1 guy turned up!

  8. Chance favors the prepared mind. Whether it is an auction or tool swap know the good from the bad, cheap from quality, and prices (or thereabouts) Understand that sometimes you score and sometimes you don't.

  9. Hullo young man, looking cool in those shade's, so cold here the blacksmith's are making a fortune welding the monkey's nuts back on (you will have to look this one up). Really good buy's there Big Man, a good start to the project. How is the Bonnie Wee Lassie doing. Good luck on your next purchase's.

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