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    1:30 – What game should my son play to be successful?
    2:30 – Accountability and parenting rant
    6:30 – Why I invested in Call of Duty instead of bigger esport games?
    8:00 – Sports and music are the most underpriced areas of attention
    9:30 – How important is it that influencers play video games
    13:20 – Balancing execution and strategy
    17:00 – esports and higher education
    18:30 – How will new iterations of games affect esports?
    20:30 – How do non-gamers get interested in esports?
    24:53 – Where are the opportunities for live events and esports
    28:15 – How to get media dollars into esports?
    30:50 – How to take macro trends to make micro-decisions
    35:10 – Best platforms to market esports on?
    38:40 – The most interesting person I ever met
    41:10 – Any products/companies that we should pay attention to
    44:00 – How you can bring “Gary energy” to my audience
    49:50 – Will there be multiple esport “leagues” competing with each other?

  2. The truth is, 99.9999% of gamers and tiktokers won’t make it big, they won’t make a living out of it, and they will end up wasting their time playing games and making stupid videos when they could’ve been learning a marketable skill. Gary won’t tell you this because it’s not a popular fact.

  3. I'm going to be honest Gary, I didn't really like you from the start when I first saw you. I thought who is this guy, people just like him because he doesn't give a shit and it's just for a certain audience who find it funny, but I've started to watch more and understand what you're actually putting out and it's some good shit.

  4. I watched this whole video bc I was highly intrigued. I am a gamer and still play games today(not as much) but I played cod when I was young with my brother prolly 13+ years ago and it is still on the up today with the remake of modern warfare. There will be another. Also gamers know how to adapt to how the game is being played depending on new things added to the game or other players in public games getting better. I don’t think your players will need to be cycled how you say bc most gamers will change their play styles based on the meta of the current state of the game. With add ons or new maps, etc. The meta of all games are always changing and I think as gamers we enjoy that and we are very good at changing slightly enough to still be in the win column.

  5. Gary I noticed you wore a team liquid hoodie a few months back. I really don't think it's gonna be call of duty bro. Clash Royale is where it's gonna be. In it's second year, that free e-sport mobile app made a billion in rev. Call of duty isn't native to mobile, which is where we are going. Not to mention, Team Liquid has Clash Royale players. Give it a few years. But right now, it's crushing hard

  6. I don’t like esports organizations long term.. it’s not like traditional sports and in the end the “teams” have no leverage.. the players and influencers have ALL the leverage in esports I see almost none of these gaming org teams actually making money and almost all the investors will lose $$$

    As an advertiser why would I work with the “team” when I can go direct to the influencer (or 10) with the audience.

    The ROI of being a Call of Duty league sponsor is terrible compared to giving that $$ direct to an influencer. The best influencers already aren’t on pro teams and as more PRO gamers figure out they have all the leverage and a organization offers them no value it’s going to be bad for orgs… HUGE bubble in esports orgs right now

  7. I was not aware you were investing in Call of Duty or eSports in general. I had the upmost respect for you prior to this, and this makes the respect level doubled. I've been saying that eSports would easily be the next thing above the NFL since 2013… No one realized it and they thought I was legitimately crazy, including my parents. It's amazing to see the traction it has picked up and the amount of people on boarding over the years. Unfortunately, viewership used to be immensely higher for Call of Duty, so I'm really hoping what you were saying about it's viewership going to rise in the upcoming years, I'm really hoping that's true.

  8. There's no chance for COD league. The audience isn't there. The people playing/watching cod moved to mobas, Fortnite, PubG, Overwatch, etc. Counter Strike has also taken the market of CoD as it's surged in popularity. Right now, MW has 5k viewers on Twitch. Not even a top 30 category. Only 2 high tier orgs joined(Faze and Optic).

    And high tier competitive gaming has already moved on from consoles to PC as well.

    I guess we'll find out next week, but im expecting it to be D.O.A.

  9. Pop culture celebrities may have pushed the popularity of Fortnite but the big esports such as League of Legends, Dota, and CS GO already established their platforms years beforehand and were lightyears ahead of the games in the battle royal genre.
    These games caught the eyes of big time investors like Rick Fox and others long before the Drake and Ninja event.
    Its really streaming platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, and own3d that brought these games to their prime fanbase and revealed the esports phenomenon

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