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  1. Annoys me that the sound is so uneven. Jordan's directness and informative defence is sensational. What gets me though, what makes me giggle, is the look on this lasses face when she's been challenged and clearly knows she is the lesser informed in the discussion. Her eyes have that "well, excuuuuuuse me" look. Hilarious. I enjoy the parts of this video where there is an acceptance of differing views or a realisation of open discussion being constructive. What I do not like, and have NEVER enjoyed during discussions with women or highly feminine men, is the "so what you're saying is" angle. An incorrect interpretation of a topic then broken down by way of a certain ideological viewpoint. When this is part of a question to the person who authored the quoted statement it is fascinating to see the misconception destroyed with such eloquence and vigour. I truly enjoy this interview. To be fair, I also like this interviewer. She has some knowledge and interesting insights. Given some more years to discover the factual world she may become a valuable writer. She needs to drop her habit for reading between the lines to find narratives which do not exist. Fox Mulder would enjoy her company on that little expedition.
    Also, I adore listening to people using modern terminology when referring to events of a distant past. Gets me every time. Grabbing my ribs with glee as Jordan squarely tut tuts her misuse. He really is a patient man to put up with this misinterpretation of his work.

  2. Listening to Helen Lewis, she says that she fundamentally thinks that women were slaves before the modern era. Has she ever read a Jane Austen novel? Does discussion of balls and muslins for their new ball gowns really sound like slavery? Does drinking cups of tea and gossiping about the other girls around town sound like slavery? You have to wonder where they get these ideas.

  3. Helen Lewis' arguments are SO PATHETICALLY WRONG it is very irritating to watch. British GQ does not deserve these views. It disgusts me that a far left publisher receives this much success off the intellect of Jordan Peterson.

  4. i find it funny in countries where women are and i mean ARE owned by men they dont change the last name , but this ..lady… is angry at such a sighn of respect , i give you my name ! you now are my family ! even thou we are not related by blood but your blood and mine will take form in our children and they go BOOO .. i swear she is crazy

  5. so men are becoming more feminine, women more masculine and guess what, they do not attract each other anymore 😀 😀 but only women are crying like men are not men anymore 😀 😀 😀 man, I cant wait for end of our civilisation 😀

  6. This woman’s aggressive attitude is extremely distasteful. Dr. Peterson handled all her skewed questions with grace and only ever matched her shortness with appropriate rebuttals.

  7. There is too much of a struggle here. Admit that we came from a tyrannical patriarchal society. That tyrannical society has become less and less tyrannical over the years so that we are in a place of seeing things tip into a point of overcompensation. Yes, given that the East is being imported into the West, we are under threat of revisiting the tyranny. So long as no one is being oppressed, there is nothing wrong with having a patriarchal society. A patriarchal society is more likely to be able to protect us from a tyrannical patriarchal society.

  8. She is no match for him but she tries anyway. Every illogical point she makes is demolished and her only response is to say "ok" and attempt to move the discussion onto territory she feels she can own, but it just ends up being a case of rinse and repeat.

  9. I live near that Lamborghini dealer on L.I. She is the child of wealthy parents with guilt. Most see the virtues of their parents success if they are successful but there are those few rebels that deny that at any cost, even with a bankrupt philosophy like hers.

  10. I find it sad and horribly telling that the idiot interrogators in the "Media" lack the basic journalistic skill, to even do a bit of research beyond Wikipedia, the Alphabet Networks and VOX! This man, Jordan Peterson, is a Clinical Psychologist of GREAT experience and seemingly unbound knowledge, you morons! What is it with these whining feminist women, with hard-ons for a beating down of Males. Let me know how that works out for you!

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