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  1. Your inspiration has reached a soul as far as Shillong, India. Google us here. Please consider "Meghalaya, India" for oneof your legendary shoots.. Our tourism may need you, and perhaps we can be of use to your ever wandering creativity.

    Oh and btw, id be drooling as i sleep for that beautiful piece.

  2. I remember as a kid (14 years old) had my own B&W darkroom. Great memories. Than came color, that Evan took away the fun…less control. Printing gives so much satisfaction, you're work is completed…you did it ALL

  3. Man! I really miss being in an actual darkroom. Change bags and bulk film loading are a foreign concept anymore. And I have found myself relearning what were basics to me so many years ago. Thanks for talking about it. I thought maybe I was the only dinosaur. LOL

  4. Hey Peter,, love your videos and energy man. I’m looking to begin my passion for photography this year and find your channel to be so informative and helpful for everyone from beginner to master level. Keep up the greatness dude! From Lubbock, Texas

  5. Film photography was one of my favourite classes! I loved the development process and seeing that final print and learning from my mistakes. Completing a print gave me a sence of accomplishment! And I like giving prints to others to enjoy! I plan to print more of my digital images! And I also plan to clear out the little dark room off the side of my grandmas garage at some point! Thanks for this vid man!

  6. Thanks Peter for making all of the great videos. I just got a camera for Christmas from my wife because I wanted capture moments of the kids as they grow up. We could only afford one of the little canon kit packages but I absolutely love it. I just wanted to let you know your videos have been such a help to not only figure out the basics of photography but also they have given me a lot of inspiration for ideas of shooting. You make it feel like it is an art but one that everyone can get into and love. You have helped me a ton! Keep making the videos, I love watching them as a quick boost of motivation to grab the camera or try and learn to edit photos instead of just sitting on the couch. Thanks again, keep up the good work. I am going to go and figure out which photo to have printed now.

  7. I Really like this video Peter I have been watching on and off for a few years now and I don’t know how I missed this one . Because of Matti and you I’m gonna get my first real camera soon and hope to get a lot enjoyment from it and memories. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing the new space in 2020

  8. WHAT'S UP EVERYBODY???? This is why I dislike all Americans, they are all asses. What is wrong with 'Hello or Good Day' and they tell us they speak English, get these crap people out of here.
    I refuse to watch any of these loud mouthed people when they start a conversation like that.

  9. I've never thought about photography as a profession
    And I'm planning to keep it like that
    Having to do it in order to get money to pay your bills really sucks the life off you
    But I can't evolve unless I do so
    Any tips for in between solution?

  10. Hi Peter, I see in your videos you numbered your prints 1/3. I understand in art prints there are usually a limited number of prints so say 200/3000 makes sense. How does number your prints work when you print at home? Do you genuinely only make 3 of those prints and then they are not produced again?

  11. I use to work at a place called wolf camera. Then turned into rizts camera. I worked there for 7years and i must say I miss printing photos . The chemical smell was just.. there are no words to express. ♥️ Mr. McKinnon thank you for wanting to teach all of your subscribers including me. I don't know if you will read this but someone will. Again thank you.

  12. Hello. Peter your content are best inspiration for me. For 2 years I have a plan to change my life and start to be a freelancer and make awesome videos and photos. This is my life passion. I think one of your photos in wall is great inspiration and motivation to act.
    Have a nice day!

  13. Dang, I wish I would have been the one picked….that was an awesome print! Thanks for being so knowledgable and making your videos easy to watch. I agree, printing makes photography complete!!

  14. I have a Canon pro100….It is so nice to print my photos at home when ever I want….BUT, I get serious anxiety because it takes some fiddling around and it costs money every time you get it wrong lol.

  15. You inspired me to pick up a old point and shoot camera just to take it out of auto mode. Than I seen your video about B&H. That made me drive from Wisconsin to B&H and buy a Cannon 77d. Love it. Now your inspiring me to print my photos. Thanks P.M. you've gotten me interested in something and it's my new hobby. Love it.

  16. So i realize this is an older post I am just now seeing lol. I have a question. Canvas or photo paper? If paper what is the best type of paper for large artistic style framed prints? Mainly landscapes and such for my shots.

  17. If printing at home was more affordable, I would jump in. I had a fancy Epson R1800. I love printing it but the cartridge costs, fancy paper and finally the printing heads getting clogged, it was a huge turn-off. Nowadays, I just send it to Costco for printing in large format. A better way and great quality for a great price overall. I know it's not so convenient but for me, the savings are worth it.

  18. Hey Peter! all my life I have always been interested in photography but never thought I could ever make it work. At around the same time I was going to college for a semester and taking gen-eds, I started watching your videos. You inspired me to pursue a passion that I found through YOUR videos. I now am doing photography full time. I have my first wedding lined up in May and couldn't be more happy. Thank you, Peter, for setting the tone for me as a photographer/ business owner. I most likely wouldn't be here without your content!

    There is a huge open wall above my bed in my room that I have been saving for something special. It would mean so much to have the opportunity to hang it there.

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