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  1. awesome videos dude, if your interested in upholstery – should give my DIY campervan upholstery videos a quick watch. plenty of vw t4 t5 videos up soon too! keep up the great work – subscribed.

  2. I suppose i might be able to do the same thing in opel vivaro van. I bought a spare cargo wall, i gonna cut a nice door in it and make a passage to the cargo area from the saloon.
    Very inspiring video, thanks!

  3. Hello there. Good informative video. I'm now thinking of doing the same with my Renault Trafic conversion. Would that be as straight forward do you think? Any tips would be helpful. Cheers.

  4. Great video, thanks for sharing. may be a silly question but are there any legal / insurance requirements when changing a seat. i.e do you need to have it checked or do you just inform the insurance company of the change.

  5. Hey, been following for a while now – really like the style of your videos. I am considering changing the seat to a single in my conversion but I am finding the decision hard to make, not sure I want to part with that third seat. Was the decision easy for you to make?

  6. Good job! I have a Renault Master I converted five years ago, I fitted seats from a Renault Espace they more or less bolt straight onto the van seat bases plus they already have swivel bases built in, they are much more comfortable than the van seats too. If your looking for places to wildcamp check out wildcamping.co.uk there you can download wildcamping poi's for your sat nav or mobile phone.

  7. smashing job, thats just what it needed. and with it being in the same livery/colors it will keep the smart looks and the value intact….much safer to. plus how inconveineint having to get out in pouring rain to get in the back of the van……now it,s more like a real rv/camper

  8. Thanks for the video. funny that's my next job to do with mine. I've looked on ebay but there's lots of seats that don't match my seat colour and they are over 200 quid lol. What site did you find yours as mine is the same colour scheme. Thanks in advance 🙂

  9. Hello Matt. Thanks for your reply and advice. I've tried replying to your message but it rejected for some reason. Went to Devon this weekend in the van and absolutely loved it. Absolutely stunning. All the best.

  10. Yes that's so much better, I did the same on mine – never very happy with the middle seat, and everyone needs a dogger escape route 🙂 – so now all you need now, as far as I can see for the DVLA is a table. I suggest a table support bar along the front of the kitchen unit so you could move the table backwards and forwards or use it as an extension to the work surface.

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