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  1. Dengue is the worst!!!
    i lost my cousin a month ago, he was constantly losing platelets but i didn't know he was diagnosed with a severe one his internal organs are bleeding, restlessness, and dizziness…….
    EDIT:His platelets are 30
    if he gets dengvaxia it will be much more bad(i live in philippines) because it has side effects

  2. Im glad you are fine. My friend got it so badly 20 years ago whilst we were teaching in Indonesia. The doctors couldnt diagnose it and she lost so much weight and hair that we literally almost lost her..
    After 2 weeks in hospital they finally made diagnosis and helped her back on a long arduous path to feeling better and in months better health.

  3. I got it in philippines. On 3rd trip there in Samar or Leyte. It was horrible. I tested positive for dengue,typoid, and amoebasis….super scary because I was alone and it was the worst illness I've ever experienced. I still don't know exactly how it all happened. But I think it was one night I came out to eat late when food was brought to us. I had a mosquito net all set up and came out of it with no repellant.we were doing construction in Hernani on a church building. Then next day I ate halo halo and that day I began to fill very very ill. A fever thst hit day ten horrible pain and dehydration and weakness to the point I couldn't walk or hold liquids or food down anymore. One day my lips went blue, my legs gave out and I wrote a note to family giving all my bank account and information because I thought I was going to die. I asked these old.ladies to pray over me.and afterwards they said my.lips had been Bleue and face white amd it was returning to normal. Never travel alone. Never underestimate wearing mosquito repellant and never eat anything with water that u cannot confirm is clean. Watch what u eat amd where u eat it.this place had been hit hard by typhoon Yolanda and was not clean.
    I spent 2 days in hospital they missed vein in my hand blew it up like a balloon. Put me on antibiotics. My stomach felt.like it was pushing outward and upward I couldn't eat without diarea. I had to take a 5 hour minivan ride with 18 strangers to fly from Tachibana to manila to get to friends and a good safe place and hospital. My blood platelet count was at 133,000 by the time I got to manila. Down from 174,000 in Samar. My white blood cells were at 2800. Normal I think was 10,000. At 50,000 blood platelet you can bleed to death.
    All they did was keep blood testing me every few hours. A doctor didn't come for 24 hours. I looked up all 3 illnesses and they all said 25% chance if death. Finally after 2 days I felt.life coming back to me. But I couldn't walk without gassing out for a month.
    It cost 300 us for 2 days,it would have been 600 but doctor waived his professional fee when he heard I came for missions work.
    Most people I knew there made 180 a month for 30 12 hour shifts a month.u coukd see why a local might die from this. Since the cost woukd be equal to 3+ months salary in total.
    I used to go to philippines all boldly now I'm leary about it….doctor said next time I get dengue it it will be far worse.

  4. Hi this is sanjay from india we are your fans dont worry you will be ok we will all pray for you and you are basically a good person so nothing will ever happen to you take proper rest and rejuvinate and medicine should be taken as per schedule please check your blood every 3 days dont worry about your vlogs we will watch when you are fully fit. GOD bless you with Health Wealth and Prosperity.

  5. Dengue is worse than bad, it reduces the platelets to as low as 20000 per ml of blood, which poses serious health risks. But thankfully it's curable and so as a subscriber to yr wonderful channel, i hope u must have recovered by now and also hoping that u'll take good amount of precaution in future.

  6. I got dengue in Barbados I got the rash ,swollen ankles , hands , white count 0 platelets were lowest at 40, I never itched so bad in my life , fever 103 , headache was so bad you can’t open your eyes , vomiting , diarrhea with blood , I got fluids at the clinic 4 times they gave me nothing to help at all I somehow got on a plane back to the US and to Dallas to the first clinic I could find and they sent me to the emergency room at the hospital where I finally got pain meds the bone and joint pain took so much out of me. I was recovering for over 6 months ! I really just laid in bed crying in pain a lot thinking I was going to die in Barbados I think pure will is how I got on that plane and back home. I was working for a doctors clinic there for three weeks but only worked two weeks when I got sick , his wife took tried to make me drink coconut water a lot but I was vomiting it up as quick as I drank it. I NEVER WANT THAT AGAIN

  7. Don't eat street food and always drink bottled water. Always apply insect repellent on your legs and arms. There are organic sprays and lotions made of natural oils that repel mosquitoes.

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