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  1. Fukishima – This technology is killing us! And we have no way to deal with the waste on those reactors at end of life, and those that explode, they are a deadly problem for all time. We have to ask ourselves why are they being built? Because those that make the dicisions have a death wish.

  2. Helen Caldicott is a Malthusian stooge. Thorium breeder reactors are the key to a quantum leap in human advancement. Thorium is so dense, a portion the size of a golf ball can sustain all the power requirements for an individual's lifetime. Eight tons of Thorium will power our planet for a year. See Kirk Sorensen on Thorium and Flibe energy.

  3. How to spot an idiot from one question. Ask a person is he/she against nuclear energy. If the answer is yes, you can try to teach them some basic science, but if they won't listen.. Walk away. Avoid wasting your time. Their ignorance is their fault. Don't feel sorry. They'll come back when their brains evolve.

  4. Caldicott might have reasonable advice about using less paper, light, heat or energy but I wonder how much she uses herself. I'd bet money she flies to all these conferences she appears at. I'll bet she owns a car. It's easy to say it, hard to do it.

    Her objections to nuclear though seem to come from some personal ideology. She seems like a kook to me.

  5. lol,she has credability,and a question for you,what happens to the nuclear waste?where is it stored or dumped,there will be alot with all these reactors online?dont say its safe if you have no credability,,and dont think of how much now,what about the future that our children will live in,we are so here and now,no vision,very sad

  6. great new remix!… i realize i end up watching a lot of the same cuts over and over from other videos, but i like how they're put together in different ways to focus on particular angles of the argument. i also like being reminded of some of the things i had heard before and either forgotten or didn't understand before. i can't tell how many times i've heard certain things and dismissed them as unimportant, but heard them again and was blown away by it. keep up the great work!

  7. I am one of the folks who took that call to action to heart. Graduating in May with my bachelor's in nuclear engineering. Let's see if I can make a fraction of the difference you have.

  8. We lived for thousands of years without electricity, yeah and we died at 30 as well. Helen Caldecot is certifiable and the scary part part is, people listen to her.

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