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  1. I fine prices in New Zealand very cheap and as for a car like lot of comments before i got my car very cheap $1800 and i have had it for 2 years and as for activities if you know the right people most are also free.

  2. gonna start traveling soon . can't wait . probably make couple counties my home and a base to travel from . save money .. learn investing . easy quick money if have so much to start with . ten minutes make 400 . day thousand or more on good one . play only when see good one . wth the same stocks . could do just one really watch it all time make smaller plays . like your videos . might make long distance mini scooter and trike or 4 wheel long distance bike . put on buses and trains .. i cheap . like idea of gallon of gas going across usa . or 100 200 miles a charge plus pedal power .. be free out of the system . no taxes ..

  3. This is good BUT doesn't mention what wages are here. So when working to survive, price is unknown! Minimum wage is about €17 p/h. 19-22 is concidered a 'living wage'. As someone who works 50 hour weeks at 19p/h, I can assure, it's expensive to live (especially eat well) here. So beautiful though. So it's worth the hard slog. BRING LOTS OF SAVINGS!! Especially if you like pubs..

  4. Living in NZ is expensive, food
    Renting , electricity, drinking and eating out
    Clothes etc
    Very hard for kiwi families make their ends
    Traveling is different

  5. All prices of new goods incl. food, include tax of 15 percent (GST). The price on the item on the shelf includes GST. I note in some other countries the price is 'plus tax' which may cover both city and state taxes.

  6. i buy cheap pizza . i add my own government cheese mushrooms or wats on sale / . pizza hut who knew. nice . get bus or get very effect car and tent .. going to have 40 to 100 mpg car for usa traveling . looking for ya cell phone video .. they have a site for domestic flights gives like half price flights . for get the sight . dod vehicle in nz is 1000 to 2000 bucks .

  7. always hit grocery stores bigger ones easy in morning and buy all deals. meats cheap animals eat grass. those punk ins/ squash so good you can just eat that as well .. so good . gonna import seeds . haha.

  8. Chinese markets are a third the cost of the boring blood sucking supermarkets ….. and this cow has no fukn idea when it comes to shopping in Aotearoa … for example: Hells Pizza is THE most expensive pizza scam in NZ ….. camper vans …. no one does them, get a tent and use all the FREE DOC … so, silly bitch, fuck off back to UK and all of your arab rapist imigrants and insane high rent

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