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  1. Compared to UK, Italy, Germany, Netherlands and other european countries, New Zealand has very expensive food prices regardless if season or not, expensive yet lowest quality clothings etc. Example whrn in season, cherries in NZ cost NZD 8.00 per kg or £4.00 per kg. In Uk, season or not, you can buy fresh cherries or strawberries for £ 1.00 per big bowl probably weighs more than 1.5 kg. This crazy £1 per bowl also applies to avocado, tomatoes, potatoes, kumra, zuccini, eggplants big (3 × £1).Toblerone 360g for £3.00, in NZ it's NZD 12.00 OR £6.00. You can get 2L bottled water even in Central London for 17p or 0.34 cents in the supermarkets. 1L Cranberry juice for £1, big croissant for 20p per piece, 6 pieces of croissant for £1. You can buy 1liter of Red wine for €1 in Rome. Jumper in H&M in NZ is NZD 30.00, in UK H&M, you can get £6 or NZD 12.00 with better quality. Marlboro gold 1 pack (20 sticks) cost €5.80 in Italy (july 2018), same pack in UK is £9.00, in NZ marlboro gold is NZD28.90 and dairy robberies are common in New Zealand, yes, kiwis can brutally murder dairy owners because of cigarettes. Except for the prices of meat (lamb, beef and pork), everything in NZ is expensive. No wonder people shoplift tin corned beef and can turn into a bloody fight seen on national tv, or watch a gang holds up a dairy to steal loads and loads of ice cream. Do you still want to know the average housing price in New Zealand?

  2. you're doing a great job living frugally. had i incorporated a couple of your tips – esp the sharing household bit, i could have spent haff what id did in Wellington. thanks for sharing!

  3. You look very nice in the thumbnail!
    Personally I didn't find New Zealand overly expensive either. Recently I've heard people say that NZ is more expensive than Australia which I definitely don't find to be true.

  4. I had an interview and demo booked as one session with 51talk they had sent the demo class to me to prepare and felt that the interview went really well and interviewer was responding positively all the time yet then said would get email 're if had been successful or not before did a demo i have degree plus taught English in past yet got email saying hadn't got through, fair enough if had at least let me do demo so I feel it is down to my lipsp even though never had issue with it before maybe it sound worse on video i feel certain that's why did let me do a demo

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