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  1. I can't think of any reason why someone would give you $6000 as a down payment on a lot they will never own or get any return whatsoever on the "investment". Three years on a lot would end up costing a total of $8400, and you admit that the lot rent will most likely go up after that. No thanks.

  2. If we want a mini-split, tankless h2o heater or anything ur not adding, we pay for them or supply them yes? Or not an option?
    I tried on Facebook, nothing showed for floor plans. Where do I look?

  3. If I make this investment, what happens after the 3 year lease? Does the land rental price go up? Or if we get in this at the beginning, will it stay fixed? Will there be a clause that you will not sell the land for any amount of time ? I am older, and would like to retire somewhere that I know that I would not have to leave in the next 20 years or so. So many questions, no heat, or hair, no mini split? Is this something that you could assist in later even after walls and insulation has been put in?

  4. we used to have Tiny House communities. They called then trailer parks. I never lived in one, but I would now. Where I live they mostly have been plowed flat and built into 400k+ homes or commercial property

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