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  1. How far down New Zealand would a 60 hour InterCity bus pass get me starting from Auckland? Im traveling north to south starting in Auckland and ending around Milford Sound. But then i have to get back to Auckland for my flight home. Would i have to buy more hours or would 60 be enough?

  2. I think there's something you should've really included in this vid though…

    "There is no NEXT BUS"

    Some people come here from overseas and expect to travel intercity on buses and think if they miss the bus, there will be another one later in the day…. ummm… no, most of the time… no. There is no "next bus".

  3. All things are relative. Compared to my country, NZ public transport is excellent. One can also get taxis in urban areas. They are a little expensive, for the likes of me that is. Hitch-hiking…erm…well….most Kiwis dont want to be bothered, but if you are really patient eventually a kind farmer will come along in his ute and let you hop on.That is my personal experience.

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