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  2. Great interview! SingularityNET is one of my favourite projects, so I was super happy when I saw the notification that you had Ben on. The potential of this project is mind-boggling.

  3. If people don't think Ai is the perfect fit with blockchain, they are kidding themselves. Ai and Blockchain will exist hand in hand. Time will tell if that's good or bad. You'll need to hold for 5+ years for huge gains though. Still really early to get into these projects. Nice upload. Edit; just to add, did I miss any mention about Deep Brain Chain? I believe AGI and DBC are partners (?)…and DBC seem to be having problems now.

  4. Singularitynet is using some code from OpenCog which has 27,000 commits! Dr Ben Goertzel is the chairman and has worked on it since 2008. Also Ben Goertzel and Toufi Saliba from Toda are the co-founders of the Decentralized AI Alliance already consisting of 31 cryptos/companies like DBC, Matrix AI, DBrain, Effect.AI, Nexus. The amount of actual work they do is mindboggling!

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