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  1. NDP is a joke as well. They are no better than the Liberals. Liberals will give you 400 dollars while taxing you for thousands.the old i will give you 5 if you give me 20 and the NDP everything free policy is what killed Venezuela. They want that for us as well.

  2. Glacier national park under Obama said the glaciers would be gone by 2020 and now changed 2020 to future generations because the glacier grew.Norway ice cap records show the arctic ice grew.Climate barbie says there is a climate emergency. the only emergency is her ability to be honest. Lady you are stunned and in the future hopefully you will be in jail.

  3. Trudope’s affirmation action flunkies spewing rubbish for the masses. This is what happens when voting for pretty hair and sunny daze instead of policies. It’s very costly. Thank you potheads and hair envy voters.

  4. For God's sake, STOP bringing up Dough Ford like he's even relevant to federal policy! You can't make up this level of stupidity in the house these days.

  5. $500 billion of economic activity with green technology? Please. That's absurd. Maybe $500 billion TAKEN from the economy, THAT makes sense, but GAIN from it? Pfft hahaha.

  6. Caron tax is a scam!
    As middle-class families, we have to work hard everyday to pay mortgage or rental, raise kids, pay medical insurance, and pay a lot of taxes.
    We care about environment, so we buy fuel efficient car, install energy efficient furnace and water tank, replace windows, etc. However, what we are deserved is more tax under the name of carbon, while most of middle-class families receive tiny or none rebate.
    If this is not a scam, what is a scam!

  7. Billions to foreign countries for the liberals pet projects why Canadians struggle. Have we had enough of the corrupt dictatorship of the liberal party yet Canadians? ANYONE BUT A LIBERAL IN OCTOBER

  8. I agree with one thing climate B…I mean Catherine, says. Its time for Canada to come together. Unfortunately, I don't believe that will ever happen under the present government.

  9. Can someone please tell me where all these Canadians are from, that are asking for a Conservative plan on the climate change issue? Any that I have discussed this issue with seem to prefer the government of the day deal with other IMPORTANT issues, and be honest and realistic .

  10. You have to understand why they need the tax and more of it. Money is power and our deficit dictates we have no money power. We've been duped by True Criminal Masterminds. It started when Pierre Trudeau invented sales tax back in the early 70s. He also eliminated bottle and can deposit and now we have a plastic problem floating in our Oceans. Recycling failed at the curb. Bring back deposits. Create jobs for the people not just for the government.

  11. If u want people to stop calling u Barbie ,then stop acting like it , u can start by telling the truth in what's really happening in this government stop your intimidation tactics, you are not invincible you got caught on video and what an embaressment

  12. The $300k the Liberals spent on booze for their trip to India could have paid for enough sandbags to protect those flood areas from damage. Too bad they just didn't drink themselves into a coma on that flight – would have saved Canada $ and embarrassment.

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