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  1. Hi. I couldn't comment on your I WENT TO THE WORST REVIEWED MAKEUP ARTIST IN LA video, so I'm posing the question here: Did you go to a makeup artist with a really good review asking for the same look to see how they compare? If so, could you provide the link because I can't find it? If you haven't gone, would you consider doing so? Thanks!

  2. Umm…an hour and a half to do your makeup is RIDICULOUS!!! What the fuuuck. Who takes that long just to do makeup?!? I mean I'd understand if it was with doing your hair as well but this was JUST your makeup….wtf

  3. She did her exact look she had on, on you lol
    Not bad for her first day

    I doubt they had a promo because she didn’t mention anything about, and if they did then she failed to communicate that.. pfft

  4. People, even if the girl said she didn't know who she was, it doesnt mean that's actually true! If she were on her best behavior because of who Laura is, then do you really think she would admit to knowing who she is…. even so, that doesnt mean nobody in there knew. Someone could've known! And likely did.

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