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  1. Why does the wood look moldy? Are the lots going to have a concrete slab? I wrote Sam twice, in the past 4 months, and he has not answered me, yet!

    I am wondering if Randy is kin to Dabo Sweeney? He sure reminds me of him!

    $250 a mile or $2.50 a mile?

  2. I love Tiny homes… I ended up having to purchase a brick home… But i still watch all the time. My friend in California really needs a home, i wish it was easier to find legal places to park them… I told her about you guys, i think she emailed you about the deal your having. I personally freak out every time a tiny home builder wants me to have a toilet next to where i cook, but i guess that doesn't bother other ppl… Lol. I still admire the work you guys do.

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