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  1. hey chetna,
    amazing work…..self funded trips.wow.
    she is so right INDIAN students are spoon fed……she is bang on.
    .wow Indians are the main job givers in nz GREAT to know that…wow….cooking..indian males should know cooking..yeah.. in my sons school…there is a period every week…where they teach them how to fold bed sheets, their clothes….etc.
    that was a fab interview…..only one complaint..did she say"INDIAN MAFIA"…(lol)….
    kiran nallani chakravarthula

  2. Well she said it right that practical knowledge in Indian Engineering colleges is a question. But when it comes to real world after college you have to understand that most of the MNC's does their core design and engineering work from India considering cheaper manpwer rate. Just doing an internship with a company for 6months or 1 year doesnt mean the level of education is better abroad. The real engineering is when you come out of university and apply in real world. What you study in Engineering whether in India or abroad, is only applied as less as 5 percent in real engineering world. I know that very well as I work for a French MNC in Dubai and they depend a lot on Indian Engineers.
    So cut the crap about this foreign univeristy plague. It may be required to get job there. Thats all. Indian degrees may not be well accepted there. Even India doesnt accept Chinese or Russian medical degrees. Enter the real world after university and see whats going.

  3. hey mam I am amir Aziz left hand spin bowler from Pakistan.
    u tell me please ho I get addmison in newsland universities as a sports base.
    please u give me u what's app number dear
    my what's app number 03482746087
    my favourite cricketer Mr Daniel vettori.

  4. Hi. Very nice video..
    Can I do masters in marine engineering, currently I am holding Indian second engineer Officer certificate of competency, if yes.. Please fwd me the complete procedure to do so.. THANKS IN ADVANCE

  5. If you are wondering whether New Zealand is the right destination to study for you to pursue further studies, doubt no more. New Zealand is fast becoming a first choice of Indian students who wish to get quality education.

    If you are interested to know more or need counseling about education, cost and admission process in New Zealand you can write me at rasscounsellor12@gmail.com or you can call us at 0512-2397277. We have been counseling students for 10 years now. (any one who is interested to know more in details about universities and admission in Universities abroad, you can list your Email address in the comment box under my answer and I will reach back to your queries.)

    The first and most considered reason is its very affordable cost. It’s almost same as much it cost in Indian schools/Universities.

    Second is the quality of education. New Zealand university system is research-based as it is based on the British education model. This means there are a lot of similarities between the two systems, such as the teaching methods. The fact India also follows British education system makes it easier for Indian students to adjust. The academic staff is expected to be researchers as well as teachers. This ensures a high quality learning experience. New Zealand Vice-Chancellors' Committee, the universities' representative body, has legal responsibility for course approval and moderation. Since the development index there is higher, therefore students perusing their education from New Zealand schools/universities have higher career prospects.

    Also, why students opt to go to New Zealand is their smooth and easy entry requirements. Unlike many other countries, New Zealand universities do not have a lot of competition to get admitted for a university degree. That is because the New Zealand government has invested heavily in higher education over the years. Because of that New Zealand universities have more capacity than the number of students. Students with decent grades can get entry to most Bachelor degree programs easily. That saves a lot of capable Indian aspirants their time in gap years due to the low rate of enrollment of students in Indian Universities on annual basis.

    (write us your queries at rasscounsellor12@gmail.com or call us at 0512–2397277 or simply mention your email in the comments and I will send you information brochure.

    VISA, STUDY ABROAD, WORK ABROAD COUNSELORS (http://www.theacademicfoundation.org/#Education)

  6. Chetna mam … Is it necessary to have a bachelor's degree of minimum 4 years to study in AUT or University of Otago ? I am doing mass communication and journalism from New Delhi which is a 3 years degree.

  7. Mam is the course mba available in university of Auckland. If yes then what's the eligibility criteria, like GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL scores and also is there any requirement of work exp….

  8. Hi, i have a question.
    If i complete graduation in dentistry (BDS) from India and then go to New Zealand to study the Post graduation program. Will there be job opportunities available for dentists?
    As i wish to settle over there as a dentist. Please help 🙂

  9. Is New Zealand good for a master in international studies? I went through their website, but couldn't find any information about it. Can you please do a video about Master in International Studies in various universities the world?

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