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  1. The only thing I would say is that some people with metabolic & neurological disorders have said they 'feel' much better on less than circa 10g of sat fat per day. It is quite a popular diet choice  for people who have MS  to switch to a 'paleo' diet but often they don't feel better until they reduce their sat fat intake as well. It maybe something to consider for some. 

  2. Hi Nick, as far as I know, saturated fats are not essential because they can be synthesized by the body. As a reason of that, you actually don't have to consume them. What's your opinion concerning this?

  3. have not heard Vince Gironda's name in ages – who next Clarence Bass?  awesome video and was forced onto low fat low calorie diet for years and it does not work – at all!

  4. Ancel Keys should have gone to jail for removing the countries from his study that fucked up his r-statistic.  Decades of health policy was based on his corrupt study and it undoubtedly resulted in low-T for many males, not to mention arteries destroyed by glycated-end products.  I would have happily gone to prison for the rest of my life to have had the opportunity to strangle him.

  5. Hi Nick . I have recently paying attention to some of my body signals , and i found something weird. When i eat "healthy foods" such has bananas , rice , tunna , etc. i feel bloated , meanwhile if i throw in some sugary food i feel "shredded" , and past 10 minutes i need to go to the bathroom. What does this mean? Does my body respond better to sugary foods?

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