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  1. I live in Hong Kong. Whenever I feel down, I watch this video to remind myself about my city's fabulous beauty. It never fails to lift my spirits. Thanks Expedia, your videos are amazing!

  2. Came back today morning from Hong Kong. This was first visit of mine. I was amazed by it. One of the densely populated area but still traffic issues are minimal. Ladies market, man you must know how to bargain. You can even buy stuff 20% of the asked price

  3. Alas, I saw a lot of comments comparing Hong Kong to other cities but every city has its own charm and beauty so there's really no need for all these debates. We all have a soft spot for something or somewhere, and being born and raised in Hong Kong myself I love this city. I love how convenient and efficient the public transportation is. I love how loud and noisy a dim sum place is. I love the humid weather, the night view from the Peak, the food (wanton noodles with beef brisket, bubble egg waffles, ginger milk pudding) and my personal favourite, the view from the tram as it goes through Central during sunset.

  4. Why seldom people go visit Bruce Lee's exhibition at Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Sha-Tin???? That's one of the coolest exhibition in the world and the best part, its free entry on Wednesday.  Is it because no photo is allowed that's why not many people knows it online?

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