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  1. We hope this video will help budget-minded folks arriving into Santiago…CG did a lot of research before we arrived in Santiago, so getting from the airport to the downtown area went very smoothly for us, and didn't cost us much money at all. We've read some accounts where folks end up spending more than $100 for the trip because they get taken advantage of by unscrupulous sorts who hang out at the airport in the hope of taking advantage of travelers who are too tired or confused to make the best choices…which is likely true for airports and similar locales everywhere, so having an idea of what you're going to do before you get to the airport is a good idea. There are a number of transportation options available at the Santiago airport, but I think the option we chose is easily the most affordable.

  2. This is a very great information video especially for those whom never been in Santiago yet.
    You guys did a very good job and as a chilean I feel proud of yourselves.
    I will pass it on to my contacts.

  3. For all of your friends coming to Chile. Do never attempt to take a taxi from the airport to anywhere they might get yo ask even up to $100.000 chilean pesos which is almost US$150 or more. They deceive you just because you are GRINGOS. You can take this centro puerto blue buses or Turbus buses which are white and green they first stop at PAJARITOS SUBWAY STATION line 1 (red) then this line goes through all the city from west to east. These buses ticket is $1.800 pesos US$ 3 dólares.

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