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  1. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. We made it to 1 million subscribers! I honestly can't believe it. Thank-you all so much for your support to this channel and our journey. It's been such a ride over these past years with lots of ups and downs. Building a tiny house, and starting this channel was absolutely one of the best things I've ever done with my life. Really though, it's you, the viewers who make all this possible, so thank-you for being a part of our journey and helping us to do what we love. My promise to you is that we will continue to seek out incredible small homes to show you, and always work hard to improve the quality of our videos for you.

    Some of you have been with us right from the beginning of this journey and that's an amazing thing. It's great to recognise so many familiar names and comments in the discussion of the videos each week. There's such a strong sense of positive community here and I love that.

    It seems quite fitting that our first video at 1 million subs is of Jay Shafer. Jay was my original inspiration for building a tiny house on wheels, so to get to visit and film a tour of his new design was really special for me. I hope you enjoy this tour, and again, thank-you all for your support of this channel!

  2. I like this guy. He's got a very simple and practical design philosophy. It seems like the more popular the tiny movement is becoming, the more we're moving away from this.

  3. The government should employ workers to make these homes for the homeless and have homeowners do community service towards paying off these homes and a program to own their own parcels as well. There's so much land in some areas even unused urban areas.

  4. rent a room even with roommates if you can't afford it and work you butt of to afford an apartment then work you ur way up! stop being such a bitch and settle for this coffin!

  5. I love this show and these tiny homes. But, finding a place to keep it permanently seems like it could be a problem. I do plan to move soon being retired and over 64 y.o. But, I decided to just go with a mobile home. It would be a bit bigger, but I do not like to feel cramped.

  6. Just 5000 dollars to give a homeless family or person a semipermanent home. It’s a shame that people are so greedy in this country. There would be no family’s living on the street. It so much easier to get back on your feet when you have a bed and a space to call your own.

  7. What Mr Jay Shafer didn't quite touch on is the mental health needs of many of our homeless. It is not just a simple matter of everyone living in a tiny home, but whether an individual or family is capable of managing their life in a dwelling, city, county, state or country. It's the day to day effects of living and dealing with the good, the bad, and hardships present in our psyche.

  8. I sent this link on twitter to Dr.Ben Carson the head of HUD. With tiny homes and composting toilets, we could end homeless or reduce it very much. We need to get municipalities educated so that the codes can be updated …people have had their children removed by ignorant DCS workers for people having a compost toilet! Section 8 housing has a long waiting list and the government spends around 1200 a month on average…If the government bought affordable tiny houses and allowed people to put them on public lands it would be a better environment as well as save millions of dollars!

  9. So if you dont want to be homeless do not buy apple products

    Also… US…. fix your shit up and give the homeless a basic roof. If you care about money that is, it is cheaper to give them a shelter compared to the various other expenses tax payers have to cover. Not to mention, it is is also a more humane way to treat your people.

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