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  1. I started chuckling when you came and sat down at your desk while she’s in the TV tray. In flying airplanes we call that tandem seating. So you two are tandem desking!

  2. OMG I used to have a 2500 sq ft house and I’m single. Oh I forgot I have a chihuahua. I now live in a 1400 sq ft house and it still feels huge. It’s amazing what real estate we are sold.

  3. I have followed you guys for around two years . When I watch, I feel as though I am visiting with friends! I was able to live in my pro master Ram for around a year. I loved every minute .I visited my children and family. When I decided to settle down and find “normal “ without my beloved spouse , I went SMALL. I love it. I probably could have gone even smaller. I have empty kitchen cabinets! Love your channel. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for sharing your own tiny journey, I was watching you when my friend rang me, and she's putting boxes into storage and I said ok good luck with that, but I don't need to i got rid of stuff i don't need, but she said oh it's sentimental and we need it, but they will only be able to get to the stuff every 6 months.

  5. There's this big romantic idea out there about traveling and tiny living and I really bought into it, thinking, Yeah, I could do that! Until we bought a Ford truck with a1978 short bed camper on the back of it and left everything that is familiar behind. I became anxious about where we were going to sleep at night, and a bedroom/kitchen/ dining room is definitely TOO SMALL for two kitchen dominant adults (lol). I lived in a mini van for a year (more or less)by myself and that was okay.

  6. My husband and teenage son lived in our class C and traveled for a year. It was about 160 sf. It was cozy yet we had our own space. BUT….we traveled where the weather was always warmer. So we spent a lot of time outside. We settled down to build a house and lived another year in our Class C but the winter was really tough ! We hated it. So glad we’re in a house now. But we miss traveling !!

  7. Love watching you two and Leo. It's amazing what stuff we accumulate. My fridge is dying. I bought a small dorm fridge(1/2 price at Lowes) to hold us over for a couple of weeks. After I filled the small fridge, we looked at each other and joked that we could live with that fridge. In Europe they have tiny fridges. I had already purchased the new fridge. Wish I had tried the tiny fridge sooner.

  8. I absolutely love the genuine joy you both present. I agree with getting rid of stuff. Over the last 4 days I been cleaning out my storage unit… it’s all on my patio now. But no more monthly cost or worry over that unit. And now the “stuff” is here to go through and get rid of. I’ll bet 95% of what I’ve been paying good money to store I won’t be keeping.

  9. All this time I thought you were crashing in Leo's bed! I thought he said something about you two really sleep in the shed! Leeeooo?

    Many would consider you both to be minimalists (but not Leo -he's royalty). You're talking about extreme almost monastic minimalism. I think of you as prepared/prepper minimalists (beyond my personal therapy), which, IMHO, is the right way to be because things are getting mighty weird out there.

    It'd be great if you could have a little or tiny greenhouse, partially in the ground & then solar panels as your next venue or a small wind-turbine. And, if Leo approves, maybe a tiny cow? (I haven't been drinking!)

    I think you're right to stay put if all goes awry – re: gas shortages to come, etc. As long as you don't make Leo into slippers or mittens on those bitter, cold days… just saying wink

  10. You two are so cute. We're about the same age and went from a 2700 sq.ft. house that was also our dream home on an acre of land in an urban area to a 1500 sq.ft. ranch with about 1/4 acre if that. We couldn't take care of a big house or yard any more. We sold/gave away tons of STUFF and still filled up our new basement. We're happy…except going to antique malls isn't nearly as much fun because the first question is 'where are we going to put that?'.

  11. Bill I like your shirt. God bless America! I am definitely getting older. I am married with children, still living at home, yet I have been downsizing. Unbelievable how much I have acquired over the years and never use. Translation – I don’t need. Pray for what you need in life, not for what you want. Peace!

  12. I've lamented for years now that they keep building these huge houses on these tiny lots. What happened to the little 2-3 bedroom, 1 bath, eat in kitchen, houses? So sad.

  13. Elizabeth, you are right on the mark. We get smarter as we get older. We find we do not need all the fluff and stuff. I too am 60ish and am looking to downsize into an RV. Amazing what you don't need anylonger. But room for my Tabby toes cat is mandatory!

  14. I own a 672sf house, because of the 4 seasons, if i dont use it, or wear it in a years time its gone!!!… i have just just a few items from each family member who has passed, ..i do want to build a closet type of pantry soon. As i live 45 minutes from the closest grocery store. …the one thing i love about living tiny is the living expences….$35.00 a year for heat, (woodstove), $40.00 a month fror power bill, and about $100.00 a year for propane cook stove. I do cook 3-4 nights a week on the woodstove in the winter, i also keep o big pot of water on the stove, for cleaning….its all about living simple!!!

  15. My psoriasis slowly went away after I started taking Vitamin B Complex. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease aggravated by stress. You don't have to be in a life or death situation to be stressed. Try it, what do you have to lose but the itch?

  16. Ya'll are so true about stuff! Dave and I are trying to figure out if we want to stay in our home, which isn't big by today's standards 1200 square feet with a nice large carport and front and back porches. We never hardly ever sit on the front porch and we live on a acre of land! It's just the maintenance of it all that gets tiring. Any hoo we will figure it all out in time. Thanks for the pep talk!

  17. Hi Elizabeth and Bill, another great video! Thanks for reminding me that I need some (a few) things, and and don't need a lot of things. Have a great day! 🙂

  18. You're right about the fact we can live smaller than we think. Your journey is similar to my own. Several years back I unloaded a lot of possessions. I'm getting down to where I can get everything I own into my pickup truck and a cargo trailer. I used to have a two story, 5 bedroom, two bathroom house. My master bedroom had it's won laundry room and the whole think was about 600 square feet. Now I live in a very nice apartment that is about 540 square feet and I am content and happy. When I go into full time retirement as long as I am still in good health, Lord willing I want to buy a small mobile home that needs to be renovated. I have a small table identical to the one Elizabeth is using. I got rid of my computer desks a long time ago and now I just use small tables. You are right about the 1970's and is something I have observed also. Houses were smaller and wages were better than what they are now. Now these houses I work on are huge in comparison and our wages have not kept up with inflation. The wealth in this country has shifted and it's not as evenly spread out as it once was. Builders don't really earn more money on a house now, they earn the same and have to build a bigger house for it. This is put many companies out of business as you knwo first hand. I've survived in my own line of work only because I work with one of the top companies in this region and I even send them information about new houses going up. I've been with them over 19 years and we take care of each other. Had I been with a smaller company only the Lord knows where I would be now. We came to a point when the recession hit that houses dried up completely. I had been going house to house finishing drywall for years, then all of a sudden…..nothing. We were scrambling for work. We even did painting jobs. Fortunately I am accomplished in 5 trades, so we diversified until the economy healed. All of us prior to that were spending money, buying big homes, etc. After that I realized it is best to live small even in times of plenty. And that is the time to save, save, save for when things get hard. I'm enjoying this talk you are doing because I relate in so many ways. I know the struggles and the trials of losing a big home, selling off equipment I had for my own business, selling personal possessions and getting rid of "stuff" that I just stored. I agree with you concerning a dishwasher. I don't have one now, but prior to moving into an apartment I had owned my own homes (2 of them) over the 20 years prior to that and I installed a dishwasher in each of them. Even by myself it's one of the handiest things you can have. One thing I would suggest for you is because Elizabeth mentioned the fact that it's hard to have company over for dinner and things is to put a small addition on your trailer so you have a dining room. I don't think it would take much and just throw a small closet in to hang coats when people come over. It may mean adding another tiny wood burning stove for the winter, but I think it would give you that extra you need without being too big.

  19. It's weird how we get to that point where we feel like we're drowning in "things". I'm there. Also, rent a big beachhouse for a week when you want to get together with family. I no longer want serving pieces and 12 5 piece place settings! Splurge on things you really want when you live minimally- it's one of the perks

  20. I do have to have books. I have weeded my collection several times and am continuing to weed. I now have two bookcases full of books I want to keep. I know there’s Kindle, which I prefer to use for “quick reads.” It would be very tough for me to completely relinquish all of my books.

    I admire your way of life, your love for each other, and your love of God.

  21. Bill, I love you're channel, but please please please don't keep calling Elizabeth her or she, Elizabeth is such a pretty name maybe you don't realise you're doing it. Please don't take offence to this comment it's just something I pick up. XX

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