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  1. Why don't you do a video on AFFORDABLE tiny houses? I'm a 58 year old homeless vet with social anxiety and PTSD, I'm not working and I want a place for me and my service dog. I know that I need land and all but there has to be something besides a tent..

  2. None of these are really tiny houses but I actually like that. I hate those videos in which "houses" small enough to do a number two and wash dishes at the same time are presented as a positive. Brings new meaning to the term 'wash and go'.

  3. It's funny how the sizes of houses have changed 150 years ago it wasn't uncommon for an entire family to live in one small room cabin somewhere then in the 1950s when suburban homes are starting to be built it wasn't uncommon for a family of four to live in a 800 to 1000 square feet home then by the 90s newer and bigger homes were being built and you see sprawling neighborhoods of working class people living in 3 and 4000 square foot homes and now you see their children starting to live in little tiny homes again….. kind of already makes me think we've done already reached the peak of human civilization and now we're going the other way

  4. #8 Container Build Group; It's a GO on all your options! #6 Saltbox; you will swear you live at Cape Cod! #2 you'll capture the sights of the Haters and change them into fans! #10 The Madi Pyramid, who doesn't have Kingly desire? #1 The Avrame; perfect as the most unusual AirBnB you've ever stayed at!

  5. Many refreshingly aesthetic and innovative international designs present here. (One small correction: the "Vipp Shelter" is, in fact, a Swedish hotel created to showcase Vipp products. It rents out at $1,000 Euros per night with a two-night minimum. Nonetheless, I noticed that it's booked almost solid!)

  6. My daughter has been watching the Tiny Houses show and wanting to live small when she goes to college. She really enjoyed this video even though most of these were fixed models. Some of them were places I wouldn't mind living in myself. Once we sell off a bunch of stuff, that is!

  7. the whole point of a tiny home, is a small footprint, and an economical price. about half of these fit, the others are for the well off people that want a getaway spot. what is really sad, shipping containers were sold for $5000 20 years ago, now you spend $20000 or more for one. #4 if you put that in LA or Seattle, it would be $2000/month easy.

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