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  1. Wow I really wish I could make a switch plate like that….. They look amazing. BTW Tae, maybe if you don't have one already, you should get a drill press. It would probably be useful when you are trying to make custom stuff and it would be easier to control drilling those sketchy holes in those switches lol, far better than using that hand drill XD

  2. I really don't get why you don't use backlit keycaps. I mean, you even went through the trouble of drilling every switch! Do you guys really do this only for the light that comes out though the spaces between the keycaps??
    Please explain

  3. I bought used bfake with aluminum sandwitch case, to my surprise, the bottom pointing underglow discolored bottom plate. Now I saw your underglow pointing to pcb, I wonder whether it will damage the pcb in the long run.

  4. i have a question about the ajazz ak33, i dont want to get rid of the whole top of the spacebar, i just want to get rid of the ajazz logo, could i sand it into a rectangle using regular sandpaper and a bit of duct tape maybe?, i dont wanna ruin it though lol

  5. Can't wait for these to ship! Ordered mine as soon as the GB started.

    How do the feet attach? Looks like a brass M4 insert on the case, so I guess just an M4 grub screw between the case and feet for tenting?

  6. Been teetering on building an Iris, but I like the bonus features here – couple more keys, rotary encoders and oled screens. 4.8mm plate is a nice touch too. RBG yeah whatever. There goes my bank account…

  7. I just ordered some Gateron Clears a few days ago after finding Box Navy, Jade, and Blue underwhelming. I like Box Reds, but they don't make a lighter switch that isn't a super sensitive gaming switch. Do Clears feel like pillows, or are they so light that they're inconvenient to type on?

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