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  1. So the Shift is a 2U what size is the Enter and backspace? Ive got a 2.75u 2.25u and a 2u keycaps coming but dont know if theyll fit on the board?

  2. If they didn't try to be to different with the SF I would consider picking it up but I'm just going to go with the GMMK Compact. Way better deal IMO with hot swap able switches and all that jazz.

  3. She told me put my diamonds in the chest and my dog won’t get hurt and so I’m runnin’ from the zombies I can’t sleep there are monsters nearby and so I’m mining straight down underground what could go wrong OUGH oh shoot I died in some lava so I guess ill respawn

  4. Wait ducky made a wireless full size, nice. Lucky I didn't get the Logitech one. I just hope that the wireless signal would be as good as logitech and so does battery life of 18 months without lights.

  5. Cancelled my preorder of One 2 mini pure white and going to wait for the One 2 SF in pure white. Thank god you posted this video. That is exactly what I was looking for in a board

  6. So would you say it is basically a ducky one 2 mini with just an aluminium case? or does anything else changes? I wanna get my ducky a bamboo case or an aluminium one

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