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  1. I had this idea a while ago, but had no success when I tried it with a Syma x5 and Hubsan H502S. Unfortunately, I had a difficult time holding a fixed position and could not get very close, without risking flying into the house, which meant that I couldn't really see into the gutter. Further, neither has a downward pointing camera.

    A couple of thoughts…

    To get the most "rotorwash", you'd want to apply full power when you are just above the aggregation of leaves. The drone will climb immediately, but at least you'll have some period of max rotorwash. The heavier the drone, the more propwash.

    The only concern that I had is that some of the debris in the gutter might get into the motor/gear mechanisms…guess that would depend on the design of the particular drone.

  2. your gutters are basically empty because the house is 30 yards away from any trees (any leaves that get into them have to be pretty good flyers). Much more dense debris from trees 10ft away from the house (like those you find in a city) is the real challenge, you might have to go to one of your neighbors in the forest to prove this really works.

  3. If I have ever needed a reason to get a drone, you have just shown me the way. Have three story house, and always crap my pants when I have to get up there to do that. Problem Solved.

  4. My wife freaks over any use of a ladder! Just got an alternative. Gota show this to my family and add one to a Christmas, Father's Day and Birthday list for more years than I care to think about if I don't die or get raptured.

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