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  1. I have this keyboard (RGB Aluminum Blue switch) for 3 weeks and I would buy the plastic instead of the aluminum.
    First, because the keyboard is too high and you must use a wrist rest. It's not ergonomic at all as they write on their website.
    Second, the aluminum version is just a frame that makes the keyboard even chunkier than it is.
    Third, why the hell thay thought it's cool to make the connector and buttons on the left side? it's ugly and if you use a cable you should have one with an angle.

    In general, the keys feel really great, it's my first Gateron and I'm happy with the feel and clicking.
    Unfortunately, the Caps lock doesn't have a light when it's on, but it's not a big deal.
    You don't have so much control over the RGB lights, it could be nice if you could program each key with a different color.

    ★★★ out of 5.

  2. Im new into keyboards and Im wondering why there are so limited bluetooth options. Is there a reason for it? I can understand that for gaming wireless is not a good idea, but in work/productivity setups I think they would be ideal, specially for swaping in dual pc setups.

    It seems like the bluetooth options are keyboards like de ducky, anne pro or this, which range between 60-150$. In more "premium" options you can only find wired keyboards. I dont understand why I cant find a very premium wireless keyboard

  3. bought just because of It supports Mac/iOS, so far is good. It still has some limits but It is ok for me. It is also good price. Worth of buying. Hope Keychron will make Cherry Mx Switch version in near future.

  4. I've had mine for months (Aluminum/RGB). You'd really never know the whole chassis wasn't alu without pulling it apart. For anybody who's wondering if they should buy one or not, it's definitely worth it. There's a bit of stabilizer rattle, but nothing like some of the products on the market.

  5. Cool keyboard with a bunch of features but in my opinion, it is not good for office usage.
    Currently, I'm looking for a silent keyboard to use it. Could anyone here help me or suggest some good switch for typing?

  6. Check out some more keebio diy kits. That guy has been hard at work revising his stuff and I find all his stuff super interesting. Iris rv4 low profile switch build maybe??? =)

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