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  1. I just wondering how many people uses numeric section that companies like CM think that its worth enough to make even mechanical keyboards with it. Compact keyboards without numeric section but still with insert/pgdown section are "holy grails" of keyboards market.

  2. Nice coverage of computex! I really didn't like the feel of the coolermaster boards I but loved the Vortex New 75%. What do you think of Kailh Choc switches though? Personally I prefer that to cherry low profile but may pick up the Vortex board anyway. Also saw that Kailh had the mid height switches on display which I thought were cool but they told me it's a tesoro exclusive. Low profile keyboards are my thing.

  3. Man, I just wish thin keyboard trend is getting more recognition as the RGBs. Been waiting for any low profile boards at all to enter the country and still waiting.

  4. Nung nalaman ko na pinoy ka sa keyborad review mo sa gherkin auto sub agad hahaha… San ka nabili ng keyboard??(bibili sana ako ng ducky one 2 mini pero di ko sure kung saan)

  5. Dammit. Of course they made it clicky. I just want a more reliable version of a scissor switch, as I love scissor switches. I love the short travel distance, I love the look, and I love how QUIET they are. Everyone who makes a low profile board seems to use ****ing clicky switches. I'll never have my ideal, even though they keep getting so close.

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