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  2. Your ass STILL AGES!!!! Just own it….I think women AND men who have this facelift shit look like fucking gobblins…it's just stupid! But…it's your money…throw that shit away as you see fit I guess….and walk around looking like a FREAK….

  3. Dont lie. Youre here bc you want to look more atttractive to the opposite sex. Many will respond, "no, its for ME"……exactly…..so YOU feel better about being attractive to the opposite sex.
    You want this procedure if you live alone on an island, or a life sentence in prison? Say "yes" please, so we can laugh at you…

  4. Ive had it done im 45yrs old an very happy , I was told to expect realistic results by my Dr, its not a face lift skin is not being removed therefore dont expect miracles , just a fresher look and im very happy with my results, in the video this Dr isnt following the natural contours of the face.. mine were not put in like this he followed the natural contour of my face an went up into the ear crease . Do your research with any surgeon before you get anything done

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