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  1. You are hilarious, you know. Now that he sent you some free bottles all of a sudden his fragrances doesn't suck that much. Come on man, I didn't expect you to be this cheap…

  2. hahaha, what a joke…
    ""gentsscents" also made a new video (the original video was negative about Office). He also got some bottles from Jeremy and has personal contact with him, …and..surprise-surprise is now more positive about Office than before. Daver, I know u wasn't paid for that …but obviously, its Jeremys trick to tone down negative reviews. Yes, Daver, you and gentscents have become part of Jeremys promo strategy…and you fall for it, congrats.
    Why do you think did Jeremy instantly use your video to make his own "now we are friends" video, released yesterday??? LOL

  3. Guys, He just said the fragrance isn't as terrible lol.. That definitely isn't a paid off advertisement.. Hes' not the only one to say the black bottle smells different either. I gotta give props to Jeremy, I think it was a nice gesture. I'm sure he didn't expect any glowing reviews from Daver either but he still did it. .. The collab is gonna be really weird lol. I guess it pays to punch people out instead of sucking their balls.. maybe in the end you get more respect. lol

  4. I bought Club de unit intense men from fragrance x a month ago with my 15% discount and I love this fragrance it’s legit, I will always shop from fragrance x now. I bought a few fragrance my local store it’s fake… fragrance x is legit

  5. Maybe the person who sent you the sample messed a bit with it. You always have to consider the risks with potential trolls. And I get it completely why that is because me Nicola the hobby psychologist observes the all you can eat buffet of human psychology. People feel Insignificant and they watch your videos and Jeremy's videos and they get very jealous and lonely. They see you guys being popular and every person would like to be popular and have friends, too. I get it totally because I feel so alone as well. But I would Never sabotage anyone just because I feel insignificant and lonely.

  6. Jeremy just used you as clickbait for a 20 minute video in which he talks about you for 10 seconds, advertises his brand for the remaining 19:50, and jams about 30 ads in there. Some people don’t change that much lol.

  7. That only proves you are a legit fragrance reviewer. I dont like Jeremy but i also dont like bad reviews only because someone dont like him. So fair play to you. On the other side i ask myself, should the price of a fragrance influence the rating? Nearly on every review site the price of a bottle goes into the rating…

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