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  1. The only reason we have homelessness in our society is because of those rabbis and preachers who are stealing the money which was supposed to go to homelessness yet, they raped the heart and soul of the people and asked them to pay the 10%  of their net income to their churches and synagogues instead of going to homeless people. Isn't the job of a journalists to search for the truth?

  2. The ruling elite are the DEVIL. They used me in their demonic mind control. I told them every way they could end the hardened torture of living things and they refused. That includes homelessness which is by the way hardened torture.

  3. Derrick watched the Emerald Tiny Housing Project! Yes we need to keep pressure on the government by presenting this as affordable solutions to homelessness in a nation that actually has enough land & money & and intellectual economy to do this. America should never have homelessness. There is enough land and inner drive for all the homeless, to have their own places.

  4. I can't stop sharing this and watching Invisible people! My son was homeless for a few year's off and on. Now I am wanting to help change this epidemic with Him….blessings making me cry.

  5. Those in big gov., need to take a cut in pay, cut their luxuary vacations, jets, etc., those up on the Hill in DC , need to start taking care of this issue ASAP! Stop the greedy apartment, housing owners from jacking up the rents so high people can't afford to live anymore!

  6. Been to Oakland, twice. Last year to an A’s game, was pickpocketed $300 outside. This year on a tour of the PCH, went to see a concert at The Fox Theatre, came back to my hire car and they’d smashed the rear window in, and took almost everything I had. The Police said they have 50-75 of these car break ins, downtown every day. Downtown at night. is awful.

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