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  1. When BMD released the Micro Cinema camera about 4yrs ago I told them they made a big mistake for forgetting to add bluetooth as a missed opportunity because its limited its potential as an action camera which is exactly what it was design for. I also criticise them about the original Ursa Mini not having bluetooth. Then every camera released since then they include Bluetooth. I guess I'm one the many customers that have influenced BMD camera design but unlike the more famous amongst us, ie Jody Eldred, hardly anyone cares to know about our contributions.

  2. There is lots of room for improvement. There is no way to turn frame guide on or off. Playback won't let you fast forward or backward and no option to select different clips to play.

  3. I'm working on a Free Android BMPCC4K app based off of the example code by Blackmagic. If anyone's interested in contributing or simply checking it out, pop a reply and I'll post it on Github.

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