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  1. Wtf is with the pointless introduction of the lotus?! This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Explanation correction: "How to pack the strongest bowl: add a healthy mix of Dohka/Frigate"

    This is a fucking troll right?

  2. Шо за хуйня
    У нас так уже пару лет не делают,ебашишь на фанеле в касатку,делаешь прослойку дохи и досвидание

  3. Do you thing that it will work when use instead of dokha good pipe tobacco? I realy like your videos and your tutorials. You always make me more experimentation 🙂

    Please more videos like that.

  4. It can be even stronger in czech republic we do it with pure tangiers on fluffy pack with no holes in the tobacco and bit of nakhla we we do it the same way with the foil and hms but we put up to 7 coconut coals on it

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