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  1. Very weak only relying on screws for the strength. Add 2×4 vertically between each level against the vertical to take the load. Screws are not meant to support the load only fasten pieces.

  2. its a great idea but i think those bins are placed too high for me..
    i dont wanna be climbing up a to grab what i need.i am going to fall from ladder and crack my head open lol.
    i might do a short version of this after the winter …..

  3. Pretty sweet storage solution! I would however suggest adding a 2×4 to the front of the 2×4 shelf supports in the middle where the two sides meet to splint the shelf.

  4. I'd recommend 3-1/2" screws for anyone that's going to do this instead of the 3" he used. The 2×4 is 1-1/2" deep and the drywall is at least 1/2" deep, leaving ONLY an inch of screw actually going into the wall stud.

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