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  1. Thank you for all the information. I have a question about the new variable speed magnetic pumps and a return side cleaner. Today I have a 1/2 hp pump that runs around 3450 rpm and it runs the return side vacuum fine. The newer pump I am thinking about runs at the most efficient speed of 1600 rpm. Do you believe this is enough to run the return vacuum? The newer pump has higher rpm settings but if I want the vacuum to run for many hours, I want the lower rpm for energy cost savings. Thank you

  2. these things freak the crap out of me like i will not go into a pool if there is one in there, even if its on the other side i will not go in that pool no thank you bish

  3. In regards to energy efficiency if you ran your pool cleaner / pump for 2 to 3 hrs a day, would a robot cleaner be more energy efficient than the other two classes putting into consideration the energy that the pool pump motors would have to expend in order to run the suction side or return side cleaners?

  4. Thanks for all the great videos. Quick question. What do you think about the Aquabot cleaners? My friend went from The Pool Cleaner to this Aquabot electric cleaner. This model NE3285F. I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thanks

  5. This is a wonderful web site. So glad I thought to look it up when I was having a problem. Anyone that don't use the salt system,, does not realize the effect it has compared to the chlorine tablets and the money it saves. If there are any doubts talk to people who have them and you will be convinced and always come this site. WONDERFUL!

  6. I thought I had found the problem as to why my lights would not come on the cell as it had been working before. Now it is not lighting up so I read to replace the fuse. The fuse is not broken. Could the fuse still be bad, it was working minutes before.

  7. Excellent video! I had an el cheapo pool cleaner from Lowes, worked okay, but the hoses finally gave up. Since I have had the pool enclosure rescreened, I find I can keep the cool clean using a brush and manual cleaner, but if I didn't have an enclosure, would definitely get another cleaner that you recommend.

  8. You can try moving the weights on the cleaner, but some pools have a shape that impedes it's full range of movement. You can purchase the pool Twister product as I have a few with those units and it makes a difference – the cleaner travels the entire pool. Also check the return jet positions – sometimes the water pushes the hoses around and also causes it not to move through the entire pool. So try that & the weights first before you invest in a Twister.

  9. (con't from below) pool should have sufficient return pressure. If you were able to screw in the return jet then you lack the correct amount of pressure. This is important since once you break the cleaner box seal you usually cannot return it. So with two jets out of three plugged you should be able to tell if there is enough return pressure. If you have four return jets you will need to plug three for the test. Hope that helps.

  10. 1 1/2 hp should be fine. Return pressure can be decieving spread among a few return jets. Here is a simple test that you can do. Depending on the number of jets you have; clean the filter. Go to your local pool store and purchase Two 1 1/2" threaded plugs (3 return jets is the example). Remove all three return jet threaded fixtures. Plug off two of the return lines w/ plugs, Turn pool on. With the one remaining return line, try to screw the return jet fixture in.If you can't then your (con't)

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