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  1. Daunting? You were the most humble and kind, efficient instructor we have come across. If only others would learn such teaching and video skills as yours! Thank you.

  2. Learn how to pronounce close for a short nipple. It is not like close (cloze) a door. It is pronounced close, like 'That is too close for comfort.' Nipple sizes start at 'close,' 1 1/2 inch. 2 inch, etc. When you use a close nipple, the 2 fittings end up 'close' to each other, not cloze to each other.
    Those are not wrenches, not even pipe wrenches. Those are Channel Locks or tongue and groove pliers or previously known as Water Pump Pliers since they were used to periodically tighten the packing nut on the water pump on the car engine.
    You tell us to put the Teflon tape on clockwise but you hold the roll backwards. If you hold the tape so it comes off the bottom of the roll as you pull it away from you over the top of the threads, you can wind the Teflon tape tightly so it forms into the threads.
    I would be embarrassed with the lack of knowledge in this video. Oh yeah, don't forget the PVC primer before you use the PVC solvent weld cement and a 1/4 twist to seal the joint.
    For an efficient pump, you want the pressure in the tube to be 5 to 7 psi less than .43 psi for each foot of rise of the water on the pressure side. If you are pumping water up 100 feet, the tube should be 43 psi minus 7 so 36 psi. .

  3. My apologies for spamming you questions. If you dont have the time I understand. Mind me asking why you had to put the bicycle tire in the air tank and if its important to do so?

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