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  1. I just ordered that book is it worth it I got it cuz I use to go to New York with my dad and he died in June of 2013 so it’s near and dear to my heart ❤️

  2. The only thing I’ve ever bought at the store was a key bell for $30 and they didn’t charge for taxes so it was just a flat 30 I was very surprised and the SA was really nice to me also lol

  3. yes once i went inside Louis in some VS Pink sweat pants and a tshirt from Walmart or Target or something to get a bracelet for my mom and they gave me so much side-eye and stank face!!! It was so hurtful lol

  4. I realize it may seem like it's just semantics, but when you're shopping in a store like Louis Vuitton, my guess is you'll get a lot further inquiring about "the least expensive" item in the store vs. the "cheapest" item in the store. You may think you're saying the same thing, but one refers to price, while the other refers to quality, and it makes a difference in how you come across to whomever you're speaking to. You had a wonderful SA, and a wonderful experience, which speaks highly of the SA you dealt with, but just as food for thought when in future situations where you're discussing the lowest price of virtually anything, the phrase "least expensive" leaves a completely different impression on the listener.

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